Target shooting on your own land

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Hi, a quick question that I cannot find an answer to, I have checked.Can I shoot guns at targets on my own land? I am a member of a club and have asked several members and got as many different answers. I have catagory D, air guns and black powder, catagory c .22lr rifle and catagory b handguns.In the UK catagory D (air guns) can be shot in even a small garden as long as basic safety precautions are taken, I can shoot clay pigeons with my shotgun in my field with the same proviso, I need FEO clearance to use a smallbore rifle on uncleared land unless I have an "open" licence and catagory B does not exist in the UK.I am looking at a house with six acres and would like to set up a safe area for target shooting for catagory D only, but cannot get a definitive answer on the rules.Does anyone know the answer?

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