Yachting between Brittany and the UK this summer

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I'm interested in sailing between Brittany and the UK this summer (2015 - and either way or both) with others. Is anyone else? i don't own a yacht at present (apart from my 16ft Catamaran) but am considering buying one. My sailing experience includes the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race and I have 'Competent Crew'  certification. If the experience turns out well i may be interested in either buying a modest size yacht of my own or buying into a group owned yacht. Or joining a social group that likes to sail between Brittany and the UK parfois. Perhaps others looking to participate in such a venture / adventure  / social event or anyone needing crew might care to contact me. My nearest port is Morlaix and my house is in Huelgoat.

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Put a notice on the notice board at your local marina. Buying a yacht is a fairly extreme step to make to do a bit of cross channel sailing. Plenty of 'interesting' coastal sailing around Brittany but much of it is far more technical than an ocean passage like Sydney to Hobart!

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I have sent you a PM re sailing in 2015.


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