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Being billed as "the clash of the tournament" who is most likely to win? And is it being televised in any bars near you? (if its near me i may join you for the "atmosphere") regards,   Bob

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does anyone know where there is a fishing tackle shop nearish to me, i live near loudeac dept. 22, i know fishing things can be bought in supermarkets etc. and i have looked in the sporting shop in loudeac they dont have a comprehensive range. i really want something along the lines of an angling centre, where i can buy such a thing as a bivvy etc.  i would be glad if anyone can help.  thankyou   graham kirkham

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Please can anyone tell me where all the biking action takes place.I am interested in all aspect's of biking,classic's, custom, racing, supermoto, autojumble's show's etc.also is there any trial's park's where i can ride my triles bike in or around department 56,and,is there any shop's that deal in bike part's, like M and P in uk.      all help will be appreciated,thank's in anticipation.                                      SamZee

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I am trying to get info on hunting  can any one help me. The Keeper

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I have been a keen fly fisher in the UK but have yet to find a good spot to go to whilst living in Berrien (Nr Huelgoat). Any ideas or information on truot or salmon fly fishing would be much appreciated. Thanks Paul

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hi, I've just bought a house near Josselin on the canal - has anyone any info regarding couse fishing? jon

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 Does anyone know of any golf courses in central Morbihan ?  If so, where and are they open to the public ? 

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Does anyone know a good harbour to launch 8m Humber rib on the south coast around Lorient ?? I would also like to keep the boat there to save on trailing each time. Thanks            Jeff Huntley

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many of the courses in brittany offer membership to 16 courses for 1 fee. less than most courses in england. to make it worthwhile it needs a group of like minded golfers.i would like to set up or be involved in an already existing group.if you are interested please get in touch. cheersjim

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Does anyone know if there are any swimming clubs/football clubs in the Callac/Guingamp area? My 9 year old is a keen swimmer and footballer, in clubs here and it will make his move so much easier if we can assure him that he can still do his sport! Many thanks Ruth

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HI Everyone  Are their any anglers out there who may be interested in backing a joint venture to purchase  a lake and property.I have just returned from viewing a site in france that has all the criteria that is needed to supply holidays ie carp fishing B&B Chambre de hotel 1 Gites and camping/caravaning with a very good return(monetary value) Look forward to hearing from you soon Best Regards Particle

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Hi,I work for a BBC2 TV programme about British people who relocate abroad (yes another one of those!).We were in Brittany filming for two months before Christmas. It went very well, however we are looking for on more family/ person to be included in our programme. Ideally we would like someone who has their own boat and sails regularly, or who lives on a boat, or works on a boat. If you, or anyone you know fits the bill and wants to take part (or wants further details) then please email me: laura@brighter.co.uk or post a reply on this message board.Look forward to hearing from you,Laura laura

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Being a big footy fan I have been toying with the idea of going to watch Guingamp .  Does anyone follow this team ? Can you tell me more about the club i.e  when do they play , which league etc   .  I am based near Pontivy not to far away from Guingamp. Many thanks      

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Can anyone offer any info on game fishing on the river Aulne in and around Chateaulin area. I have a holiday cottage at Lennon and would love to spend some time fishing the Aulne, any info on the angling would prove useful. Nigel

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Hi, my young lad is quite sucessful at Honda Cadet racing in the UK. As recent movers to the area, aside from the tracks that we have found via this site and others, does anyone know about kart races / racing, club or national, in the Brittany area. Also, does anyone have any kids who do Cadet or otherclass and would be interested in hooking up now and again to go racing. Hope this makes sense to those that read it. Basically, we want to go racing with Honda Cadet 4 strokes. Where???

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Can anyone assist - looking for a club that has "Mini Rugby Union" or similar for training youngsters in the Lamballe Area.Graham 

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Dear All Thankyou for giving me some interesting reading over the past couple of months and answers to some of the questions that I had. Now we have landed in a small village just outside of Treguier, a question of my own.....   My husband is desperate to go coarse fishing and I have tried (honest!!) been to The Mairie, local tabac's etc and all I know for sure is that it is "interdit". Does anyone know more, I've obviously lost something in the translation but am not sure what at this stage???? What I have understood is that he needs a licence (presumably similar to UK rod licence) which must be Category 2. When I went to fishing shop in Guingamp he said that it runs for 1 year as of beginning of January but he couldn't sell us one for the remainder of the year is this because coarse fishing is "interdit"??   We live on the estaury and it's ok that he fishes that but apparently it's not the same......not being a fisherwoman what do I know?? There is also two lakes within 2 minutes walk but again I can't get to the bottom of why he can't fish those!! Any help would be great and if anyone knows of any of the rules and reg's surrounding this it would be greatly appreciated. Also when and how to apply for this Category 2 licence.   Thankyou for all your help in advance       Jacqui

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I would like to recommence learning to sail, preferably on an inland waterway, to gain some confidence before trying the sea, can anyone recommend a sailing club at Lac Guerledan? Or are there any other options?  its grand up north !!

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Does anyone know of any riding schools/stabling in the Cotes d'Armor region? I've noted a few on this forum but not in the 22 region. Carol

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Can anyone tell me about any fencing clubs in Brittany please? Preferably all 3 weapons. Lorrie

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