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There was a post on here a few years ago now asking about learning to spin wool into yarn. If those folks are still (here) interested, I teach!

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Well done to Richard and Co for organizing the AI Fair at Baud on Saturday,nice big hall with plenty parking,good selection of stalls and good entertainment/music,great day out,keep up the good work,regards,rdj.

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I will be staying in Isla Plana, near Puerto de Mazarron, for 3 months from early January and I am looking for someone to give me some accordion lessons.  I have a Hohner Panther diatonic CGF and have only just started having lessons although I am not a musical beginner.  Being able to continue with lessons in Spain would be ideal or just having someone to play along with would be good.  

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Not sure if this is 'Entertainment' or 'Sport and Leisure', but hey...I am getting back into doing jigsaw puzzles, but I have only a small collection which I have done already, and would like to get access to some others.  I don't want to keep buying them on ebay, partly because of the cost, and partly because they will just pile up and compound the problem.Is anyone interested in swapping/lending jigsaw puzzles, so we have access to new (as in unfamiliar, not as in brand spankers) puzzles without cost?  My preferred puzzles are 1000 pieces (fit nicely on our table), photographic or realism rather than cartoons or art works with mad brushstrokes etc. and challenging but not impossible - no baked beans, op art or Where's Wally?, for example.  We live near Callac, but we enjoy driving around Brittany, so we can travel if necessary.Any ideas, let me know.  And I'm sorry if this has all been brought up before.

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Hi I urgently need a bike for a job but I don't know where to look. I looked on Le Bon Coin but most things are expensive... Any ideas or know anyone selling one?

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Hi. I am selling some property in vendee & we want to move to Brittany.My passion is horse riding, not competitive just strolling along quiet roads & tracks, Can anyone reccomend areas best suited to this to narrow down the search or know any property with 2 acres or more under 90,000 euros? i can get away with smaller land as i only have ponies not big horses.Its possible we might have to accept buying land near a house not with a house, so knowing which  areas which often has smaller bits of agri land on offer would also be handy.I dont suppose anyone happens to want to move south & want to swap or know about my place??? 0642098415

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A friend is thinking of forming a choir to sing a variety of songs from pop to traditional in English.  The choir would meet to rehearse one Sunday afternoon a month, possibly around Carhaix.  We are just trying to ascertain how many people would be interested before looking further into finding a location to rehearse, cost etc.  If you are interested could you please contact me and I will keep you up to date.  You do not need to have a musical background.

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Can anyone recommend a place to go beach/pier or harbour fishing without having to deal with all the rocks and weed .I have tried a few places in the past and lost so much gear.Or do people just go fishing from boats.Many thanks in advance,Jon

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HiDoes any one know if the river Blavet is navigable from Pontivy to the barrage near Lake Guerledan?BLC

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i have a fully reg and insured small boat which i want to launch at st nicholas deaux, can anyone tell if it is possible to buy or rent a manivelle ( handle to open the lock gates) where to we get one or who opens them for you, is it free or what price ?. secondly are you allowed to use that stretch of river on a sunday, as all the locks were empty and there were no boats on the river all day thanks

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Looking for piston head regarding playing squash I am now back in france

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A warning to all who arethinking of using the lake at Glomel. I would like to refer to a post by KeithBurgoyne back in 2007! It appears to be happeningagain in that no consideration is being given to safety when hiring out boats.The base at the lake was closed for a number of years as no-one seemed to wantto take on the responsibility of hiring out the equipment. For the last twoseasons though the base has been open to hire pedalos, catamarans, Kayaks andlast year Paddle boards. There was a safety boat in operation and I know it wasused on a number of occasions to help people and also monitor those using thelake as there were always two people on duty all day.There is a new personrunning the boats this year and it appears that money is more important thansafety. There is a notice on the door of the base instructing those who wish tohire equipment to go along the beach to the cabin or campsite and hire themfrom there. No-one seems to be there solely for hiring the boats or keeping aneye on those on the lake there is also no safety boat is being used. So beware if you are considering going to thelake and, if you are, make sure that you are aware of the risks involved.

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Hi can anyone tell me where I could watch the rugby in the morning on sky TV. I liv near to Guingamp so any bars near to here? 

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Looking for a bit of advice about boating, I have a small cabin boat, 14 footer and would like to use it on Lac Guerledan.  Can anyone give me any advice on moorings on that lake and if I need any permits etc.  Thanks in advance.H

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Our son will be with us for two weeks in August, and he is absolutely passionate about swing dancing (leroc, I believe).  Are there any groups or events that might be available for a casual dropper-inner?  We are in 22, near Callac.

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Does anyone know of any bar, club or restaurant in the Dinan or 22980 area that will be showing the British Lions v All Blacks test series? thx

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Can anyone recommend any decent cycling routes in North Brittany (preferably CĂ´tes-d'Armor). Ideally circular routes, around 40 to 80 miles. Or can anyone recommend any books that has such routes? Many thanks.

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Can anyone recommend a camera repair person.?  I have a Sony handycam, and would like it repaired.  I would rather not go to any of the shops that sell cameras such as Le Clerc but want a specific repair place if possible. I am near Dinan.

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Happy New Year Does anyone know of a yacht surveyor in La Roche Bernard area? My yacht needs its 10 year survey before I can insure it again.For some reason the survey has to be in English. paul

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