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Any folks out there who might care to get together, have a beer and have a natter about the Lions - and other rugby matters? Chateaubriant area.

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I am looking for any one interested in playing squas in the Jossalin / Brehan area

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Can anyone recommend someone that does camera repairs? I have a Sony video camera (the type that the side screen flips open to switch on).  I would prefer a repair person that does this, not someone like Boulanger, ou Le Clerc who are not in the business of repairs, but of selling new ones.Dinan.

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Hello, could anyone tell me if the Archery Club of the AIKB or the Cricket Club based in Silfiac are still running? Thanks

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Does anyone know if this is being shown live anywhere Thanks Bran

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Hi all, I'm after any info on clubs to join and just general information on target shooting. I live near carhaix and ex military so miss Shooting and fancy taking it up again. No before I get hammered by animal lovers, just target shooting. Thanks for any help and advice

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfqOdnCckSUAn amazingly strong squad of tourists going out to New zealand for this years Lions tour. It must of been such hard work for the sellection team to come up with the 41 names. There are a few surprises in the team with both inclusion and exclusion.No doubt this will be debated across planet oval and there will be many opinions towards certain players not making the team,but one must remember that it is not only great talent on the field that the selectors are looking for but the right attitude and the whole package.16 english players, 12 welsh ,11 Irish and 2 Scots will be going on the tour,which may appear very harsh for scotland who had a very good six nations,but gatland has defended this decision by saying that the players are all chosen for their personal qualities and that the management have chosen each player on his own merits irrespective of nationality.I am looking forward greatly to watching the three tests and all the provencial games too which should offer us fans some great sport.I can definately see this squad winning a test match,though to win the series against the best team in the world is going to be very hard fought for.Bring it on :-)I hope that you all get great entertainment out of this tour too.Love and stuff to allJamie xx

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Would love to get involved in these activities if you have any ideas!

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Saw two on the marais beside the Villaine near Redon today, last ones for me were in Portugal.

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Hi MotorhomersAnyone got any recommendations for aires in Brittany?Have enjoyed a couple of good days at Camaret sur Mer, really good aire and lovely walks, close proximity to the town and level sites (mostly) also good aire at Lampaul-Plouarzel and again nice walks but ground not so level. Can anyone recommend any aires? Won't be doing any big journeys till the summer is over but its nice to slope off for a few days midweek.As always thanks to anyone who takes the time to reply.

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Anybody know of any Airsoft Clubs around Brittany or is there anyone even interested, Jake.

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Bonjour mes amis ( hello my friends ).As I am normally the chap who starts off the posts on rugby,I thought that this amazing match was well worth a mention.I am currently restoring a garden to its ancient glory down in the var near st tropez and had the perfect place to park my van with lovely views of the med and a great tv reception just outside my clients house. To be honest,I did not see much of the med that afternoon !!I have never seen before a match of such great intensity for the entire game. By half time I had taken on the thought that I do not care who wins if we have this quality of rugby for the rest of the game.I think that A draw would of been the fairest of results.I just feel the need to credit both teams for putting in so much hard work and keeping up those levels of physicality,fairness and talent through to the end. The discipline levels were magnificant.Through to the end for England anyhow,unfortunately wales let slip after about seventy five minutes and a unthought out welsh defensive kick straight back to the english with just a few minutes to go was the slip up England had hoped for and Daley strolled over the line with ease. Cuthberts defensive work has never been tiptop and he was a poor replacement for North.Wales only gave it their all for about twenty minutes against Italy and in comparison to the usual forty-fifty minutes we normally put it,seventy five minutes of great rugby is huge progress.Credit also to the reffing,which saw many small mistakes go unpunished to keep a good fluid game running nicely.Apart from that one silly kick,I was not disapointed with the loss as both teams were winners in my eyes with a superb level of rugby being played.I hope that you all got equal enjoyment out of it and are looking forward to the rest of the tournament as I am.Love and light to allJamie xx

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We are living in Brittany and are in the process of possibly buying a second hand 30 ft. motor sailer in the UK and bringing it back to Brittany.   Can anyone advise if we need to register the boat in France or can we keep the UK registration.   We are resident in France.

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We are keen Tennis Club players & would like to set up a regular Doubles Group...between Guemene sur Scorff /Ploermel/Ploerdut.  Any offers to play/join in would be very welcome.

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Are there any running clubs or associations in region 56 with English speaking members I would be interested in joining if possible 

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I have recently moved to France and living in area 56 i am wondering if their are any local running clubs with English speaking members near Josselin

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Hi all,I've been watching The English Premier League on Canal+ for over 5 years now but they have lost the rights and unfortunately I have to wait until 31Decmebr before I can cancel my " abbonament"!!The maddening thing is that I can't find out who is going to be screening the games. A company caled SFR have bought the rights but they have not yet been ablet to negoitiate with any of the TV channels.Some of my French friends have said that SFR are planning to have internet based only access and stream the games via internet for a yearly sign up of 28 Euros per month, but I am sure that the Prem League would not allow that because part of the negotiation process when tendering for the rights is about reaching a wide audience. It seems to me that SFR have dived in paying way over the odds expecting Canal+, Bein Sports etc to come begging and pay whatever SFR ask. I also hear that Canal+ and SFR are in court at the moment over the rights.I don't want to sign up to sky or BT sports because I enjoy the games better with the French commentary and french pundits.My question is this, does anyone out there know anymore than I do about how the games will be transmitted and if so please, please can you let me know as we are now less than a month away to the start?Thanks to all.

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Does anyone have a link to stream this afternoons match on my computer please?

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