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There is an increasing interest in this game for the over 50's in the UK. I wonder if it would be of interest here in Brittany, I would certainly want to participate. It is a way of gentle excercise for us older guys and a good way to meet and get to know brits and invite french guys in the area. All local villages have sports grounds that are under used so I am sure that they would give up their spaces. Any suggestions welcome.

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Hi everyone, hope someone can help, does anyone have any info on ULM/Microlight clubs with aerodromes in the area please.  Looking at researching a potential relocation to the area and as a ULM pilot with plane, the above is a priority in my search. I am already aware of the club in Pontivy, but wondered if there were many more about.  Language isn't a barrier as I speak French, but would like a club with some English pilots if there are any!  I know Brittany is a large department, but as I say, still in planning stages so open to towns/departments etc, cheers

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My wife and I are retiring to Brittany in the early part of next year. My main hobby is target shooting and I'm using the FFTR website to look a club. Any recommendations would be welcome.I also need to find a gunshop which will store a rifle for me until I get my French firearms licence; it's on a European Firearms Passport so there's no problem with documents. I'll also be buying at least two handguns once I have a licence.Can anyone suggest a dealer who might be helpful; preferably one who speaks English as my French is still too rusty? I've e-mailed Douillet and also Henry Armes in Carhaix, but neither has responded, which is odd as one would think they'd be glad of the chance of extra business.Thanks in advance.Roger Peat

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can anybody tell us of good fishing on the nantes brest canal in finistere, we have tried the areas of chateauneuf du faou to Landelo and in spite of pre baiting swims only one 5lb bream and two one pound perch in four trips .

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Can anyone suggest good fishing spots, pier or rock with easy access. Preferably near Saint Brieuc on north coast or Lorient on west coat.Thanks in advance...Tight-Lines.

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Are there any walking / rambling groups in the vicinity of Josselin?

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Just making a posting for my son. I remember a posting on here a year or so ago about someone asking if there was anyone into warhammer - is there is anyone out there, please contact us. Many thanks.

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I hear good things about Tremalin Mountain bike centre but I can't locate it? Does anyone know where I can find the place? 

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I'm looking for someone to go mountain biking with. Initially around the 56160 area then possibly down to the french Alps in Mid October for a few days. My current level of fitness is around 25 to 30 miles a day. Any takers male or female? 

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Hi, I'm going to be in cleguerec the first week in september and would like to ride the vtt event on sunday the 4th. Does anybody know if you you have to pre enter or can you enter on the day..thanks

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Hi, Does anyone now if there is any horse racing in Brittany during September please? Or can anyone recommend a site that gives the info? Many thanks...Happy Days.

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Now that we no longer need our caravan i was wondering the best place to advertise it. Want to get it sold during this weeks visit so need a medium that gets quick responses.

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Hi if there are any Badminton players, champions, good players, average players, or beginners. Why not join your local Club its a 'Super Family' I have played in many departments Bordeaux, Angers, Sully sur Loire. There are tournaments most weekend of the season  great way to do something meet friends have a laugh (tournaments for ALL levels)If you would like some information contact me 06 95 45 62 48 I have knowledge and information for all areas of Bretagne.    

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Nice story on UK News, about a "record" Thresher , fortunatly caught by a true sportsman, so he did not take it ashore to be verified as a record but released it alive.I've only ever seen one, much to my surprise, off Little Ross Island, near Kirkcudbright, Scotland, exciting sight!

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Hi everyone, i enjoy sea fishing and go fairly regularly but have really struggled to find any information on the web about fishing spots. Any information on venues, species techniques etc would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance :) Also if anyone knows of any charter boats i cant find any anywhere except mackerel boat from st malo. Cheers

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Does anyone have a recomended place on coast near Erquy to go fishing at this time of year please

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Hi I'm looking for a riding school in any of the above areas which would be suitable to give lessons to absolute beginners, adults and children.If anyone has any experience or recommendations I'd be really grateful.

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Does anyone know if the parking at the ferry port in Roscoff is free to leave a car there for a week ? I phoned Brittany ferries to ask but the woman was very vague....

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Theatre Director, Actress of Stage and Screen and Playwright interested in starting Theatre Group - anyone interested please contact bleuphoebe@outlook.com

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Does anyone know of any good bars/clubs/restaurants where I can watch the England v Australia rugby game this Saturday in the Dinan/Dinard areas? Many thanks!

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