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Does anyone know of a model boat club in 22/56 area?

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RC Model show at Rostrenen this sunday, starts 10 am. At the race course.

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Anyone know of a venue in Saint Brieuc or Guingamp where we can watch France v Rumania tonight on a big screen?

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Anyone fancy joining our monthly craft meetings (all amateurs but open to all new ideas) We are just a group of housewives who meet up once a month to show what we have made and to try new things

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Used to be able to get reduced rates for permits for ladies.  anyone know if this is still the case?

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I am buying a new electric golf trolley.  However, I would like to be able to have it serviced in France.  Does any golfer know of golf equipment services in Bretagne.Will

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Hi Everyone, Anybody out there able to help a stranded soccer supporter!! Stranded because my beloved AFC Wimbledon have reached the League Two playoff final against Plymouth at Wembley on Monday 29th May and I arrive in France on Sunday 28th May. Ouch! So my plaintive lamentation is simply this: Does anyone know of ANY bars (I guess likely to be Brit owned 'cos the match is on SKY) within ANY sort of distance from Credin that has SKY and that might be showing the match. If you do have any ideas please let me have as much information as you can so that, if possible, I can contact the venue before we leave the UK on Sunday. Plan B - is there a Dons fan anywhere in Brittany, resident or otherwise, that have SKY and would be willing to share this unique occasion with me in return for as much biere/cidre/vin as can be drunk by two people when the Wombles get promoted to League One!!#itonlytooknineyears   (and any true DON knows what that means).Thanks for reading. Regards Martin.

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Evening all,Just dipping my toe in the water here,I would very much like to stay in Brittany on a permanent basis. However! I must earn a living. Would there be any interest in fishing charters here (sea). I have Three suitable boats but I am not sure wether to go through the trouble of obtaining the the certificates to trade. I have been in the marine industry all of my life, Marine surveying, wooden boat building e.t.c. my love however is FISHING! I could offer inshore fishing for mackerel for the kids as well as off shore for bigger brutes! just asking guys because the local charters are asking a hell of a lot more than what the day out is worth. 

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Bonjour mes amis (hello my friends).Last night rcv beat massey in the playoffs in federal 1 and have now been promoted up into the pro2 division which is amazingly good news for Breton rugby. The difference between these two leagues is professionalism and vannes are really going to have to work hard now to continue there recent brilliant form as they have very much gone up a league in more than one sense. We will now get the likes of perpignan,biaritz and bayonne to name but a few of the great pro2 teams coming to play in vannes.I could not be more delighted for the lads who have made their mark historically in Breton rugby.Bravo les gars-chapeau

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Anyone got French satellite TV ? If so can you get MotoGP live on any of the channels?

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Hello everyone, my husband and I run a Bar/Restaurant in Brittany. We support wholeheardedly the local musicians, whether they are  British, Breton, Creole or French.  We have weekly concerts which are extremely popular and our bar has become an important part of the local community. At present we are in the process of renovating a Concert room and a a Games room. We are hoping to find Financial input of 7000 euros, by way of a 3 year loan, reasonable interest, all done legally.  If there is anyone who can help us with this we would be extremely grateful.  Please email me for further information. Thank you in advance...

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A question for anyone who is familiar with the place that hires boats, bikes etc........We are looking to hire a 'Rosalie' (4 wheeled bike with a shade over the top of it) for 4 adults in July. Does anyone know if they have them? I have emailed them but, as is usual, no-one has responded! If anyone can tell me I would much appreciate it. Thanks. (I can't phone them as my French isn't good enough!).

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Hello we have recently moved to the Pontivy/Cleguerec area and I am interested in playing tennis doubles maybe  once or twice a week?I am a good club player, retired  female,and would love to hear from any like minded people. I would be happy to drive up to 20 minutes for a game!Marian

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Am new to Brittany and have a good sized lake with no fish.  would be interested to know where i can buy carp, roach, bream, tench, perch etc.  i live near Bourbriac and would be grateful for any contact details.

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I wonder if anybody is interested in starting a U3A. Something to keep the mind going of us retired people living in Brittany. Free events to keep us busy, like the U3A in the UK.. I am happy to teach movie making and film editing, which was part of my job when I was still working. I also build canoes for a hobby and like to help others to do the same. We are rebuilding an old stone house and somebody might be able to teach us brick laying or carpentery. Good idea? We on the South side of Dept 35 near Redon.

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hi all,Ishall be moving to brittany shortly & wondered if anyone knows of any american football clubsin the region near Callac?  

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I still have a few years playing left in me , and I have looked at the different rugby clubs in brittany , but has anyone got any inside information on any in central Brittany ? looking for a fun side , playing each week that likes good food !  

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