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hello there, can anyone point my Husband in the right direction to try and buy maggots for fishing please in St Brieuc?  Kindest regards

started by: garethe · last update: 1458051872 · posted: 1455833953

Does anyone use it and where do you park with your trailer?  I asked at the price today where to park my car and trailer and they replied on the road. Trouble is I couldn't see anywhere to park easily without blocking one side of a small road? All suggestions welcome. The Gareth

started by: ruger · last update: 1457770861 · posted: 1448375228

I have heard that there is a muzzle loading gun club somewhere near Plemet, any information would help please.  Ruger

started by: salsachica · last update: 1456575602 · posted: 1456346415

Does anyone know if Terri is still doing Zumba at Trebrivan and Mael-Carhaix? I messaged her over a week ago directly via the contact page for her on the Zumba fitness website and no response. If anyone has any info or an alternative way to contact her ie telephone number, I would be most grateful. Would prefer these 2 venues as easy for myself and friends to get to from our various locations. 

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Rostrenen area dept 22 - With winter around the corner I am wondering if there are any folk out there who would be interested in playing Scrabble once a month of an evening or weekend afternoon.  I thought we might take it in turns to host, provide tea and coffee and play for fun. I am not wildly good at the game, but I do enjoy words and a bit of competition. I have both an English and a French board, but my French isn't wonderful.......

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I was wondering if there is a greenlaning club , or a loose group of like-minded people who go off-roading / greenlaning in the Dinan , Yvigniac area ? I`ve been hankering after a bike and wondered if this would be a good way to get back in the saddle,  but off the tarmac , in a non-competitive form . Has anyone been on any long trips off-road or has any advice ? Looking forward to any feedback , thanks .    

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Hello, Just a warning for anyone buying from C Discount .. delivering and collecting  to/in Brittany Though their prices are very good .. their appliances may be damaged .. Our friends and I have bought three dishwashers from them, all have been damaged when un-packed ..  Getting a replacement can take ages to happen .. If any one else has had this problem ..please let me know .. Rgds Chris

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Does anyone know how to buy tickets for the June tournament please ?

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I have followed many discussions with interest and sometimes wondered why some people have moved here. For me it was the chance to live that life I had dreamed  and forget the constant stress of my old employment.  we have done the healthcare and taxes, but found meeting people with like minded interests difficult, our commune consists of three people and our interests mainly are dogs, and animals. So the question really is.. When you have made the dream what makes you happy and what do you still have problems with?

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Could I ask for some advice as to what camera to purchase here. Basically, I am looking at buying a DSLR camera (used)  around the 10 megapixel range, but am having difficulty in deciding on which make / mark to buy.If anybody could post their preferences here I would be greatful.

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I have this morning sent a message to everyone who expressed an interest and for whom I have an email address. If you did not receive this email, but are interested, then please email me here with your email address and I will add you to the list. Suffice to say that we have had enough response to try and develop walking football in Brittany, so watch this space!

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Does anyone know where we can learn the dance called "The West Coast Swing" in Brittany?

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Has anyone experienced the leisure centre 'swimming pool 'in lannion near the police station, we would like to know what the facilities are like.  Thank you  V X

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Does anyone know if the gun shop in Carhaix is still open? Do you know it's address?   Thanks.

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Interesting to see that the ill fated American sailors currently in the UK, appear to have an interesting and beautiful classic boat, ironicly,  ex lifeboat, (possibly a copy) designed by one Colin Archer, original purpose was to accompany the Norwegian fishing fleet as a rescue boat! But not the easiest to sail shorthanded, Very similar to Knox Johnstons wonderful 'Suhaili'.

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Hi Does any one no if any of the WW2 german fallschirmjäger camps in the mur de Bretagne area exist or were in existance. Or were they just story`s.

started by: Monica mag · last update: 1453975797 · posted: 1451838037

Hello, I am taking over a small campsite in Central Brittany set  a small lake stocked with carp etc. I would like some advice on what facilities fishermen might need, ie permits, fridges, wash up area. I am not a fisherman so this is all new to me. All advice welcome. Thanking you in advance.

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Anyone know any good martial arts instructors in the Gourin/Rostrenen/Le Faouet/Carhaix area?   If so, please PM me.   Many thanks

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Having tried and failed many times over the last 6 months, at various Ball Trap clubs ( shut without notice, rubbish websites, come back next Tuesday), I was wondering if there is any interest out there for a small English based club.

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Dear all Dept 22 Could anyone recommend   somewhere where we can go rowing  (not professional ) Just looked up jugon -les-lacs but it's just a bit too far for us.    Thank you  V X

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