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Hi, can anyone help? we need some carp for our lake, about 30lb upwards. Money waiting but must be good price. we did have some coming but the person cannot now supply. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

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im looking for someone to go riding with, on road and off road. I'm based near Guemene but can travel with bike in car for right person. If you want to get fit but not go crazy and like to chat and see nature give me a shout. 

started by: alisonv-388226 · last update: 1452097726 · posted: 1452083157

Does anyone know if there are any line dancing clubs in Guingamp or Lesneven for beginners? Must be in those towns rather than nearby. Thanks.  

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Could aNy one tell me the day/night and times of Zumba classes in Spezet please.

started by: joramlee · last update: 1452026397 · posted: 1449581432

im based in Guemene Sur Scorff and want a person, male or female to ride with. Nothing too strenuous or dangerous. On and off road. If interested I would like to meet you. Happy to get fit with this person over the winter months. Age not important just someone who likes to be outside and likes to bike ride. 

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Does any one do lace making or know  of courses.   please contact me Sigwells  

started by: robhelliker · last update: 1451739670 · posted: 1451739670

Can anyone tell me if their is a photography club near chateauneuf .Or if any one is interested in starting one/joining one  thanks rob

started by: itinerant child-414831 · last update: 1450979954 · posted: 1448893730

Bonjour mes amis (hello my friends), I just had a lovely walk around the area of anse de sordan on the morbihan side of lac du guerledan this morning and thought that it would be nice to share our favourite strolls so that we can all enjoy as much of the beauty we can which Brittany offers so well. Part of the walk that I did this morning was roughly a 4-5kms circular starting from the camper van parking on the left hand side as you decend down to the anse de sordan. From here you go straight down the path into the forest and keep going until you find the next path that goes off down to your left which runs down the side of the lake and back to the anse de sordan. The path is in very good condition and is definately push chair friendly and maybe (though can not be certain) wheelchair friendly,though If so I would imagine it would be hard going on your own. The emptied lake is looking very pretty at the moment as nature has taken hold in the mud. A very nice stroll and although there is a bit of up and down,it is not hugely physical. Many people on here would appreciate it if you took the time to share your favourite walks with us,as I would. I hope that all is well and warm for you all. Love and light Jamie xx

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Does anybody know of a good camera shop in the 56 / 22 area please?

started by: salsachica · last update: 1449776711 · posted: 1417489418

Has anyone been to this? Would love to hear about it ie is it worth the visit? 

started by: Rudge · last update: 1449310019 · posted: 1449252582

Hi, Looking for Gas Cylinder stockist for a 1.8 /2 kg CAMPING GAZ cylinder near Guemene/Pontivy? It is kept as back-up with a camping stove for power cuts , but unknown to me has probably been empty for a long while !

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Hi all, Just moved to Glomel from uk and was looking for some good lakes to go Carp Fishing. Have check out the internet and there seems to be some great lakes in the Area. Would welcome feedback from anyone with local experience. Look forward to hearing from you. Terry

started by: lauraseifenblase · last update: 1448999668 · posted: 1448999668

Hi, We have just started a Group on Facebook for all the carp anglers in Brittany to socialize, make new friends and exchange information. Watercraft Bretagne is a group which has been created to connect carp anglers all across Brittany.  Everything carp-related is welcome i.e. pictures, videos, information, items for sale, etc. Watercraft Bretagne https://www.facebook.com/groups/1024704880925479/?fref=ts   Feel free to join.   

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Any one into sea fishing, either from the shore or boat, I would like some tips where to go, what the conditions are like etc and do any of you guys know any good boats to hire for a days wreck fishing?? 

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Posting this on behalf of a mate who is looking to join a club near to Carhaix, with any other English speaking members. My club is really too far south, but he wants to ride on a regular basis with a club, distances of 80 - 100km do not worry him, he is nearly 70 but quite fit for his age. So anyone who is in a club near to Carhaix, or anyone who knows anyone who rides with a club near Carhaix please let us know. Thanks Bob

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I have seen a flyer for a zumba session in Ploermel next saturday afternoon, and thought it could be quite fun. It is for the telethon (not really sure about it exactly). I think it said about another fitness thing too after, but I don't know much, I just saw the zumba and that interested me. Anyway it is 3pm on the 5th at the school sacre coeur if anybody is interested. I might see you there!

started by: Marcus71 · last update: 1448366633 · posted: 1447369636

Hi all,   Im hoping someone may be able to help!!   I every year travel to the Guilvinec/Penmarch region for our family holiday and have fallen in love with the area.   I really would love to share the beauty and culture of the area with my Academy team with a tour to the region but would need to arrange fixtures etc.   Does anyone know how junior football works in Brittany - is there a central person/organisation i could contact to try to help with finding fixtures?   Thanks for any help   Regards   Marcus

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Hi there...am looking for some advice. Many years ago I was given a stamp album by a friend of my parents...there were many stamps in it dating  back quite a long way. I am not a keen collector and came across it it recently, and am wondering if it has any much value. Can anyone suggest how I might find this out, there are too many stamps to go it myself with no knowledge, but I don't want to risk sending it away to someone by post. There are many that have fallen off their hinges. Lots of the early stamps are British, probably from the 30s although there are plenty from all over the world   Thank you

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Before it gets sent to the dechetterie, I wonder if any  AI's can make any sense of the problem.  I have an olld Jones machine which I have used successfully for years.  At the moment it is behaving most peculiarly and can't think of anything else to try.  My husband has given it a good clean, I have changed the needle and  checked the tension,   Once you start sewing the top thread seems to keep pulling back and it (sort of) sews on the spot. and then totally jams up. The material feed is working OK.   The top thread and bottom both run freely.  Any ideas anyone?

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New knitting group class in Questembert - if interested joining starting on December 3rd - Wednesday Time 2pm -4pm please contact me for more details  

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