Music: DJ & Clubbing

Northern Soul in Brittany Presents - from Dec 15th 2017 to Dec 15th 2017
A Christmas Dance on December 15th at Peumerit Quintin, 22480. The only music to be played will be Northern Soul, Motown and Modern Soul. There will be no dancing round the handbags allowed! If this music interests you please visit our facebook page for further information.
At Alex's Tavern - bring your earplugs - its heavy!   Starts 20h30.   The death metal generated by Atrocia favors diversity and energy. The band's music is inspired by the great American figures of the 90s with a touch of thrash and a shade of grindcore.Free entry.
Midnight Sage Electro Accoustic Duo at Rennes (35) from Dec 21st 2017 to Dec 21st 2017
Electro / Techno / house night.    Midnight Sage Electro Accoustic Duo at La Quincaillerie Générale at 20h30.     First concert of the season, first concert of the new version of Midnight Sage!
The Pirate Party # 25 at Rennes (35) from Dec 17th 2017 to Dec 17th 2017
At Mondo Bizarro at 16h.     The epic of the Pirate Ball continues with a 25th boarding in sight ...    Once again, new gunners will embark on the galleon. And again you will only discover later who these adventurers are.    Once again, you will fin...
Open Flow - Hip Hop practice in Saint-Malo (35) from Dec 13th 2017 to Jan 10th 2018
Monthly on two dates: Wednesday 13 December and Wednesday, Jan 10, 2018 at La Nouvelle Vague at 19h both nights.      Free entry.The Nouvelle Vague opens its studios to rappers, slameurs, singers, (grumblers), to test themselves on instrumental hip hop, during open and fr...
Hip Hop Party in Concarneau (29) from Dec 23rd 2017 to Dec 23rd 2017
At the Chap'L at 20h30.   With: Nodja; FL - How (Aka La Plume); Tamahagane Clan and then Open Mic!