Château de Kerjean - Saint-Vougay

from May 21st 2019


Château de Kerjean is a 16th-century fortified chateau, originally built for members of the Barbier family (later titled as Marquis de Kerjean) between the 1540s and 1590s, the chateau was damaged in the 1790's during the French Revolution, and fell into further disrepair during the 19th century.  The building was taken into state care in 1911 and restored in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Standing in a 20-hectare park, the house, park and some out-lying structures (including a large dovecote) are open to the public.  With the help of models, characters in period costume and audio-visual exhibits, you can discover the tumultuous history of Kerjean.  At the end of your visit take a stroll in the 19 hectares of grounds.