Alexander Nicholls - Hypnotherapist, Psychoanalyst, Sex Therapist

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As a PhD in Social Sciences (UCL), my special interests lie in Sociology of families, and their sexuality, as well as the field of intercultural relations. Following my keen intestest for the human being, I took training courses in psychoanalysis and psychosomatics (CBF), in clinical sexology (ULB), and in psycho-sexology applied to couples (FPSA). I also trained in clinical hypnosis and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique); I receive my diploma as a hypnotheapist by the National Guild of Hypnotists, taking advanced training recognized by the WHO. I also attended a workshop on Re-associative Trauma Psychotherapy (Ericksonian orientation). 
Wether it is for (self-confidence issues, overwhelming emotions, relational and sexual problems, burnout, addiction, eating disorder, phobia...), my approach will remain integrative and mindful of your individuality. 
Depending of your needs and aspirations, I suggest : 

  • a therapy based on hypnosis and/or coaching techniques for targeted results 
  • a therapy focused on speech and exploration of your personal history, dreams and associations of ideas, which will allow to understand unconscious mechanisms that underlie your current difficulties.