Brussels Blogs & Web Portals

Brussels Bronte Blog
Blog focused on the Brontes and places in and around Brussels associated with them, such as the Pensionnat Heger, where Emily and Charlotte Bronte lived and studied.
Brussels Life
Website with information about all aspects of living in Brussels and with large lifestyle section.
Brussels Travel Blog
Blog run by a resident of Brussels giving advice on where to stay, what to eat, and where to go in Brussels. General advice about Brussels and Belgium as a country.
Claires Brussels Blog
Brussels resident blogging about life, languages and books. Also teaches languages (French and Spanish) and has written books.
Citizens Brussels
A website dedicated to living in Brussels and how to make daily life easier for those who have their home there. Provides information on all aspects of life.
Visit Brussels
Website specifically for visitors to Brussels with a variety of practical information including places to stay, things to do and where to eat. 
Welcome to Brussels
Website with lots of information about Brussels life and practical information for leisure time activities.
Do you love good food, hate rip-offs and tacky restaurants? Then this is a blog for you. Two food lovers based in Brussels share their experiences. Recipes also posted.
Brussels European Village
Information website giving details of whats on, where to eat, exhibitions, accommodation and practical information for a stay in the city.
Chez Pink Elephant
“Mens sana in corpore sano” meaning a healthy mind in a healthy body is the main idea behind this website. You can find healthy recipes, posts about psychology and how to find the balance and harmony between your body and soul.
Bon Voyage
The blog of a childrens and travel book author, journalist and semi-professional Mum living on a shoestring budget in Brussels, Belgium, for over a decade. She also writes about the familys extensive travels in Europe.
Bite me, Brussels
A blog which reviews food and restaurants in Brussels for foreigners.
Written by a Canadian expat, offering advice on anything from eating and shopping in Brussels to living in and discovering Belgium. Expat and travel guides too.
A guide to sustainable life in Brussels at home and outside. Includes how to find information on energy-proofing a home, the slowfood movement in Brussels and food labelling.
Brussels Jobs
Website listing jobs for English speakers in business, finance, IT, office management and administration. Weekly newsletter and career guide in English.
Cycling Brussels
Blog about cycling in and around Brussels, where to go, how to do it and other information for cycling novices.
On Food and Wine
A food blog and reviews written by 2 Brussel locals in English, covering Brussels restaurants, food, wine and beers.
European affairs jobsite listing jobs in EU institutions, NGOs, consultancies, law firms, industry associations and internships.
Best of Brussels Blog
Sharing thoughts on the best of Brussels – things to do, places to eat and tips on where to simply relax. Whether a tourist, new arrival or have been living here for decades.
Brussels Museums
The web portal for the museums of Brussels with all the latest information on venues and whats on.
Brussels Tourism
Official website of Brussels with tourism and city guide.
The Brussels Journal
Conservative blog written by Europeans living both in and outside Europe. Discusses politics and current events from a conservative point of view. In English and Dutch.
News and reviews of films; Belgian, European and worldwide.
Site offering a wealth of practical information for visitors to Brussels as well as those living and working in the city. Also has a separate section with information specifically for expats.
Expats in Brussels
Site with practical information about living in Brussels from a non-Belgian point of view.
Easy Expat
Website dedicated to expats who are or will be going to live in Brussels. Practical information about the city and where to find help if required.
Bruxelles la Belle
A blog reviewing places, restaurants, shops, coffee houses and life in Brussels.
Cityvox Brussels
Website with lots of information about whats going on in the city as well as practical information about services on offer.
Official website of the City of Brussels with information for the inhabitants of the city. Some of the detailed information is available in English.
Bed & Brussels
A web portal for bed and breakfast accomodation in Brussels.
My Secret Brussels
Blog and information about food, music, culture and life in Brussels.
Blog featuring posts about living in Brussels with Twitter updates and links to various Brussels-related topics.
Brussels Sprout
A blog about vegetarian-friendly dining and restaurants in Brussels.
Information about parties, events and nightlife in Brussels.