DVD, CD, Video & Games

Sunset Music
CD and DVD store with website listing all titles available. At rue de la Bascule 21, 1180 Uccle, Brussels.
Brussels branch of the French store with a large selection of CDs and DVDs. Store at City II, 1000 Brussels.
Pele Mele
Second-hand books in English, French and several other languages in the Brussels area. Also buys and sells video games, board games, toys, CDs, LPs, DVDs and Blue Rays.
La Boite a Musique
This shop specialises in the sale of classical music with a vast collection of CDs. Website has a complete catalogue of music available. At Coudenberg 74, 1000 Brussels.
Intergames SPRL
Shop specialising in computer and video games. At boulevard Maurice Lemonnier 19, 1000 Brussels.
Lost in Music
Retailer of CDs and music cassettes. Shop at Plattesteen 3, 1000 Brussels.
Computer and video games store with website where purchases may also be made. At rue du Printemps 33-35, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels.
CDs, DVDs and music cassettes new and second hand. Reggae specialists. Items can also be bought via the website. 3 stores in Brussels, main shop at rue de lAthenee 8, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels.
United Musik
Shop selling CDs, cassettes and large selection of old and second hand vinyl records. At Place Fontainas 26, 1000 Brussels.
Video Gameland Caroli
Shop specialising in the sale of computer and video console games. At Chaussee de Wavre 1295, 1160 Auderghem.
Shop and website with catalogue of a large collection of video, PC and console games. Sales outlet for second hand items bought and sold. Open Monday to Saturday from 12:00-19:00. At rue Borgval 7, 1000 Brussels.