Art Birthdays - Art Courses/camps Etterbeek & Tervuren

Children , Teens, Adults, Parent-children PAINTING/SCULPTING/DRAWING classes. Sunday Classes. Draw with your Right Brain and Mixed-Media classes. Art Birthdays. Art camps in Tervuren. Small nice classes with high qualified teachers ENGL/FR/DE/NL

Mixed-Media Classes during mornings and evenings : painting with different techniques (acrylic, oil, tempera, inks..), drawing (pencil, charcoal, soft pastel…), exploring abstract art through scratching, gluing, dropping, …figurative art through portrait, landscape, perspective, …


Painting classes : Connect to the masters : Oil and acrylic


Sculpting classes : portraiture and small figures with clay


Sunday morning classes : painting classes, every Sunday morning


Parent-child(ren) classes :  once a month on Saturday and Sunday

Teens classes on Friday and Saturday

Art camps in Etterbeek and Tervuren


Children classes on Wednesday and Saturday


Art birthdays


Gift vouchers


Private classes