Belga Translations BVBA

Translators & Interpreters

Technical, legal and commercial translations into the languages of the European Union; in-house team of mother-tongue translators-revisors. Multilingual projects. 20 years experience. At Avenue Roger Vandendriessche, 1150 Brussels. 

*** Any new customers will receive the first 150 words of their first assignment absolutely free***

Impeccable texts, i.e. texts checked with a fine-tooth comb 

We have a passionate love for our profession, which is the business of conveying a message. This is a task that calls for chameleon-like qualities and consists first in placing ourselves in the writers position and wanting to understand the meaning of his text at all costs (what he says and what he intends to say). It then involves us - as responsible craftsmen - putting ourselves in the shoes of the future reader in order to reproduce this meaning faithfully and intelligibly, such that it is wholly appropriate to the objective of the message.

Our in-house and freelance translators/revisers are well accustomed to the techniques involved in this subtle business of linguistic transfer.
Backed by high-performance office automation equipment, they work in teams and exclusively into their mother tongue. Furthermore - as is required for a quality end product - every translated text is inevitably subjected to a systematic and attentive revision.

At Belga Translations, there is no question of compromising on this issue. We pride ourselves on having an in-house team of translators for Fr-Eng-Fr who ensures that quality is consistent and turn around is fast.