Dream Move Express

I’m a dance/movement therapist (MA) and yoga teacher (200YTT) specialising in burnout recovery for men. The support I offer helps burned out men to re-ignite their self confidence for doing the things they love. Thanks to my experience in both a clinical and professional context, I offer my clients tools and feedback which they can integrate immediately into their daily life.

Over the course of a few sessions my clients gain a deeper understanding of where they stand in their burnout recovery, and which habits and situations hinder them from living in all their strength. Once those are clear, I coach my clients to find new habits that transform those draining situations into opportunities for growth and vitality.

As a former handball athlete and engineer, I have experienced the price of professional stress. I personally bounced back from a long burnout period thanks to regular dreamwork, reconnecting with nature and yoga practice. Throughout this practice I connected with myself on a deeper level and felt drawn to take on contemporary dance. It was in my first dance class, as I allowed my body to move freely, that I felt truly home, fully alive.

My approach is firstly based on depth psychology, by working with the meaning of dreams, to identify the situations in life that are at the root of the burnout period. Secondly, I use body-oriented methods that help with unlearning patterns of stress, to be able to show up courageously in exactly those situations where it is the hardest.

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Dream Move Express