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Everest specialises in Corporate Law, Business Law and Real Estate. We provide outstanding legal services to corporate and individual clients with an Anglo-Saxon background.

If you’re planning to move to Belgium to work in Brussels or the Flemish/ Walloon regions, Luus Hillen provides advice and counselling about housing, schools, work permits and residence permits.  Luus is fluent in Dutch, French and English.  Her offices are located at Everest Brussels, Avenue Louise 283/19, B-1050 Brussels.

We focus on those things that matter to you: high quality, price-conscious, expertise, with a regional as well as an international focus.

Areas of Expertise within Everest

Commercial Law

Real Estate and Construction Law

Immigration and International Labour Law

Corporate Law and Mergers & Acquisitions

Banking and Financial Law

Contracts and Liability

European and Competition

Estate Planning

Tax Law

Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration

Debt Collection

Intellectual Property and Information Technology

Environmental and Spatial Planning

Company Law and Accounting Law

Social Law

Everest has offices in Brussels, Gent and Brugge


Avenue Louise 283/19, 1050 Brussels

T: +32 (0) 2/640.44.00

F: +32 (0) 2/648.99.95

Website: www.everest-law.eu

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