Harald De Bondt

Do you wonder about the meaning of your dreams? Are there nightmares that haunt your sleep? Every night, our dreams offer us a glance beyond our limiting beliefs. 
They are a powerhouse of creativity and insight.

Sometimes these experiences can feel overwhelming or confusing. 
Through dream coaching you can gain clarity and confidence in the messages from your dreams.
I offer dream coaching, online and live, in Brussels for those who feel the need to understand their dreams and feel at peace with their nighttime experiences.

Feel free to reach out for a free Dream Clarity Consult through my website www.dreamovexpress.com
I’m a certified coach, body-psychotherapist and dreamworker. 

My mission is to rekindle a sense of wonder and wildness in the people I work with.
In my past as an adolescent, I was focused and goal oriented. 
I was able to excel in sports and studies. 
My desire to achieve continued to grow in adulthood and then I hit a wall, my studies, my life became very dull and full of tension.
But then, I stumbled upon a book about dreams
I delved into it and discovered the richness of my own inner landscape.
I started to make choices based on joy and curiosity, instead of achievement.
Today, I feel so grateful for the fulfillment and vitality that I experience daily by listening to my dreams.