Motio-Personal Coaching

Coach specialised in stress management, burnout coaching and career switches. Achieving success and resolving blocks. Attaining peak performance in your private and business life. Come into motion now! At Jan Moorkenstraat 76, B-2600 Antwerp.

Motio is a coaching practice that focuses specifically on your professional career. Maybe you have for many years been stuck in your current job and you don’t know where else to go. Or you feel that something is not right but you don’t know what. Or you don’t feel at home with your current employer. Motio helps you to explore what is good, what isn’t good, and how you can get actively out of this situation. You learn how to convert your stress efficiently to energy, and how to put together with the coach a concrete action plan

Back to movement 

Motio stands for movement. Together we will put your career and your talents under the microscope. Our goal is to get your career back on track. Sometimes you must learn to use your strengths in your current job, but sometimes you need a completely new job or environment. We'll look at how we can move your energy to the right pressing points. We show you how every stage in life is no more than a stage, and being stuck in a phase of life is merely a temporary situation.

You may have been feeling no longer happy for a while and can’t find the courage or the energy to keep fighting. Motio guides you personally through your problems, aiming to teach you how to get satisfaction and energy back every day. We turn procrastination into action, we exchange stress for self-confidence, and work together to ensure that you regain your energy.

What do you get from us?

Motio does not follow a standard framework, but works with you towards guidance tailored to your needs and wishes. We combine getting to know yourself with building enough resilience to manage what you encounter in your life.

Our experienced and qualified coach selects the method that best suits you, but always adopts a practical approach. We make it our job to give you your personal power. At Motio you are welcomed for personal coaching in English, German or Dutch. 

What can you get Motio to deal with?

Career Coaching

Career counselling and orientation

Stress management

Burn-out prevention, burnout coaching and reintegration after a long absence

Practical information:

Sessions for adults

Languages spoken: English, German, Dutch

It is possible to follow some sessions on skype/facetime