PC Service @ Home

Computer service at home, troubleshooting all computer problems, including internet connection issues, viruses and periphery machines including printers. I can speak English, Dutch and French. At Avenue des Camelias 25, 1150.

PC Service @ Home is dedicated to private and SMB computer users living in Brussels and the surrounding areas.
When a problem occurs, I go quickly on site to fix the problem. These can be problems related to computers, laptops, tablets, or any hardware such as printers, scanners, and routers. When it is possible, I can also fix some computer problems remotely.
What can I do for you? 
Examples of the tasks that I carry out on a regular basis;
1. Re-connect new/existing devices to the internet
2. Security (antivirus, firewall,…) of your computer – Parental Control
3. OS Windows troubleshooting and updates
4. Software and driver install of your peripherals
5. Organization of you data to create efficient backup – Data recovery
6. PDAs, Smart-phones and GPS Installation, Upgrades and Configuration 
7. Purchase advice for your future laptop / PC / smartphone / peripheral
8. Private or group lessons in order to use your devices more efficiently.
Extras : long experience with Filemaker Pro databases (from version 5 till 12) and with scanner software (Nuance DigiDocflow, Readiris, Omnipage,...) 
Is it urgent ? I always try to come ASAP- in most cases I will come the same day or the day after
Experience: I have been working for almost 20 years in the computer domain, in various environments. 
This has given me experience that I can now share with you. The work is done quickly with the necessary discretion.
Spoken languages: in addition to English, I also speak French and Dutch and understand German.