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I would be very grateful for any tips on how to move to the UK on a budget sometime in May or June.  I don't have a driver's license.I need to move the contents of my one-bedroom apartment from the Brussels area to a place near the city of Bath, UK, and the major moving companies seem far out of my budget.  Even the "man with a van" type services are expensive.  If anyone knows how to get in touch with people who might be interested in sharing a van/truck, or who might be willing to drive in exchange for a free trip to the UK + a small fee, or who might know of how to ship things to the UK on a boat, I would be very grateful for advice!  

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Would anyone have the books for the Driving license B Theory that I could buy or borrow? I would love to take my exams but the books in the library are constantly out. A new copy costs over 50 euros, which is quite expensive. 

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Hi there, can anyone recommend a company where we can lease a car on a long term basis please? Thanks in advance for your replies.

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I am interested in getting a morotbike 'A' license here in Belgium.  Unfortunately, I can not find any driving schools that offer the theory portion of the training in English.  Most schools offer the practical portion in English, but none I found offer the theory portion.  I also can't find any motorbike theory books in English. I do already have the 'B' license theory book in English and the motorbike theory book in Dutch.I have found a school in Rotselaar (near Leuven) that is willing to arrange an special English theory class.  I was told the cost would be €650, which can be divided up between anyone who attends the class.  For eample, if the are 5 people in the class, the cost would be €130 per person. There are no set plans yet for the class because €650 is too much to pay for one person.  If/when there are enough people to make the per person cost reasonable, I can make the arrangements/plans with the driving school. If anyone knows of a driving school that offers the motorbike 'A' license theory class in English or if you are interested in the specially arranged class, please let me know. Thanks, Thomas

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Hi All, Is there any car wash in Auderghem area, where people clean cars rather than machines? Thanks

started by: oscar-130276 · last update: 1436199141 · posted: 1435602213

My wife and I are thinking of buying a small automatic car. Do you have any recommendations? We are interested in the Fiat 500, the Nissan Note, the Up and the i10....I would love to hear from anyone in the know.

started by: elsie82 · last update: 1429740185 · posted: 1355314679

I imported my UK car to Belgium 3 years ago, thinking that I would be returning to the UK within a couple of years.  I am now staying for the foreseeable and want to sell my UK car and buy a Belgian one.  I may try making a private sale, but I doubt there will be many buyers wanting a right-hand drive car here.  So, does anyone know of any company who will buy right-hand drive second-hand cars in Belgium (preferably in the Brussels area)?  If not, do you know what I would need to do to re-export it to the UK and sell it there?  Or, do you know what I would have to do to sell my car for scrap here in Belgium (I'd rather not do that as the car is only 5 years old and has a low mileage, and would make a good car for a learner, but I'm not sure I can face the bureaucracy of re-exporting it).  Any hints or tips appreciated.  Thanks very much!

started by: bdidier · last update: 1429646401 · posted: 1429646401

Hello, I am selling my right hand drive KIA ceed '3' 2010 with 32000 miles The car is in good condition and has been fully imported from UK to Belgium I have also both RHD and LHD headlamp you can contact me on bastien.didier@gmail.com Thanks, Bastien

started by: mcbootus · last update: 1422283182 · posted: 1320516528

Hi all, I have a UK Reg Polo that is stuck in a basement car park and basically I need to scrap it - ideally someone to collect it by tow truck because the battery is dead and it has a flat tyre. Can anyone recommend any options to scrap the car please. Thanks in advance. Bootus McManus

started by: oscar-130276 · last update: 1415209026 · posted: 1415209026

I have just bought myself a 1983 Vespa and I love it! Are there any other enthusiasts in Brussels interested in starting up a Vespa club? Or perhaps you know of one that already exists?

started by: Jean-Baptiste · last update: 1414673184 · posted: 1414603839

Hello, I work on a movie in Brussels for which we need right hand drive cars for walk-on parts. This would be an opportunity to see the structure of a movie. Some cars will be parked, others in motion in streets closed to the traffic. A meal and a payment are previsted.  Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you,   Jean-Baptiste Frenoy +32 495 41 44 36

started by: Pukka-129057 · last update: 1409823522 · posted: 1271684335

Does anyone know a good broker to sort out motorcycle insurance? Despite some web research, several calls and mails I am struggling a bit at the moment.

started by: O Zanette · last update: 1408026419 · posted: 1408026419

We are driving through Belgium on our Harley and my wife's biking jacket was stolen from a bar we were at in the Grand' Place yesterday.... as a consequence we need to buy a new one and quick. Any ideas where we can try? We need a store int eh centre of town if possible.

started by: kevhatch · last update: 1406118352 · posted: 1357873927

Hi We live in France and have been looking to buy a 2nd hand car. The prices here are ridiculous, nearly twice the price of equivelents back in the UK. We of course have the option of buying from the UK and then have the problems, and expense, of the annual MOT and taxing of the car or getting it re - registered here. I thought it might be an idea to buy in Belgium where the market seems to be a bit better than the UK and the car is set up for left hand drive. Does anyone know what if any problems I would have being an ex pat Brit living in France buying and exporting a Belgian registered car, could I buy and just drive it back? I seem to remember reading somewhere that the reg plate is issued to the registered owner, is there a way around that apart from trailoring the car out of the country? Thx for any info Kev

started by: yael-125230 · last update: 1404235447 · posted: 1404235447

I need to hire a minibus with driver to pick up a group of family members from the airport. Any ideas?

started by: Kris richardson · last update: 1402349513 · posted: 1368741253

Hi,  We are looking for a right hand drive car in Belgium that we will eventually take to England with us. Does anyone have a Righthand car they are interested in selling? (We can look in the UK but thought maybe someone wants to get rid of one in Belgium). Cheers

started by: oscar-130276 · last update: 1401888175 · posted: 1401888175

I need to rent a minibus for a family gathering at the end of the month. Does anyone know where I can rent one from without a driver?

started by: