Any ideas for new years eve

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hi! my husband and i moved to brussels this summer. we will be going home to austria for xmas. but are coming back for new years eve.  I am looking for some tips: I know there is the option of going to  the grand place. but i hate standing on full public squares with all the crowds. i am looking for a nice bar/club or something similar.  it shouldnt be too expensive, but obviously I realise- new years you can't avoid paying entrance fees.  anyone got any ideas?  thanks, emily 


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I strongly recommend keeping an eye on the What's On guide on this site nearer the time. It is usually very well stocked with ideas on what to do on NYE.

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Don't forget to find somewhere near the Mont des Arts so you can at least see the fireworks at midnight!

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any ideas for nice places near mont arts? 

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