Dating Sites in Belgium

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Have been here a while and havn't met any nice men yet. Can anyone suggest a dating website I can try?


saffy-124396 1255604817

Have you heard of 'meetic'? you can find men in practically any country of the world. Not sure if women pay to join nowadays but they didn't use to in any case!

lilly-124479 1255956470

Hi Saffy, thanks for your reply. I have had a look at the meetic site and it does appear that you have to pay to join even if you are a girl. Maybe i can find a way round it.

serena-124406 1255956534

Yes you can Lilly. Just go to a different country's meetic site, (one that doesn't charge for girls) like the Chinese one and join through it instead. That way you avoid paying the registration fee.

lilly-124479 1256064547

Just registered through the Chinese site (!!) didn't ahve to pay a thing, so thanks very much for the advice.

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