Hen Party

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My friend who lives in Ixelles is getting married in July and we are looking for Hen Party ideas in the Brussels area. Any ideas welcomed.


lilly-124479 1237883884

What does she enjoy doing? Is she a sporty person or would she prefer a night out on the town?

emmag-124311 1237974909

How about doing a party themed to her favourite film or musical?

serena-124406 1238001542

That's not bad, although not sure how much fun a single sex party would be...

saffy-124396 1238074651

I did a paragliding initiation for mine...everyone loved it!

lilly-124479 1238486253

What did you go for in the end?

Tournicotee 1461930938

Hey girls,
We did a Hen party for a friend in Brussels and for activity we found a nice chocolate walk / degustation. There was a quiz so we did teams and tried to answer as best as we can :D Our friend (the future bride) loved it too! The best was of course to taste all these pralines :p
The tour was organized by Marion from www.myslowtravel.com and she was very nice (tried to adapt to our preference in terms of chocolate, to our schedule) and she knows a ton about chocolate!
And for the party, we went to the Sett Club in tour & taxis. It's nice there! We had fun and the music was good so we danced quite late :)
Hope this can help!

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