To play field hockey

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Could anyone help advise me where to go if I wanted to learn how to play field hockey and join a team that plays regularly over the winter months, preferably open to English speakers.

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At La Rasante you can join the Gentlemen's team. They play every other Monday and train on Fridays and possibly another day for those who want 2 trainings a week or who can't make a Friday. Matches are at Stade Fallon in Woluwe Saint Lambert and training is Rue Sombre. Go to for a contact address. Gentlemen's team very international with a least 2 brits!

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I am wondering if there is someone who is passionate about this sport near NY now? I plan to start training this month. We can form one team and even buy equipment together, click over here. I think that if you divide the cost of renting a field for the whole team, it will come out inexpensively. I need a hobby that allows me to spend more time outdoors. How is it? Does anybody want?

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Hi. Personally, I prefer more - classic ice hockey. I myself used to play. But this is in the past. Now I mostly just follow the news in this area of sports. With the help of Internet resources like this one Take a look, I think it will be interesting for you to familiarize yourself with this information.

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