Xmas Carols

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Does anyone know of a Christmas carol concert taking place that I can take the kids along to?


MaryGow 1449489520

THE Brussels Carol Concert takes place this Sunday 13 December at 5pm in the Brussels Royal Conservatoire . 30 Rue de la Regence, Brussels 1000.

It involves two large choirs, children and adults. There will be singing of carols for the public as well as secular and religious carols for the choirs. This year there is special guest, The New Voice of Greece, mezzo soprano Fotini Athanassaki coming from Athens. The children sing from memory!

Tickets are 15/10 euros available now from brusselscarolconcert@gmail.com. Limited door sales.  More info from marygow@gmail.com.  Www.brusselscarolconcert.com.

Proceeds go to the Foetal Medicine Foundation at the Children's Hospital Brugmann.

Year in Brussels 1449579102

Sounds amazing, thanks Mary, we will be there!

MaryGow 1449579465

Reservations necessary as we will be full this year. Fotini Athanassaki is drawing a large crowd.


Year in Brussels 1449737763

Got it! Thanks for the warning

lilly-124479 1449737800

Does anyone know if there is wheel chair acces to the Brussels Royal Conservatoire?

MaryGow 1449738144

There is a ramp and once inside there is a lift for easy access to the ground level. When reserving tickets please make mention of this need.


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