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I need the words to Sweet Home Alabama anyone know where I can get them. I am useless at internet searches

started by: vraimonde · last update: 1214197146 · posted: 1214197146

I'm from Toronto, Canada, and purchased this ticket before my work schedule made it impossible to attend this concert. Ticket is Parterre M (floor seating on the right), rangee/row 26, siege/seat 347 and price was 79 Euros plus 2 euros shipping. Any reasonable offer will be considered (not expecting to get the face value back). Ticket is on hand and ready to ship ASAP. PayPal payment preferred. Regards, Raymond.

started by: frankie-124310 · last update: 1213872907 · posted: 1213353046

Does anyone know a good camp site for a motorhome in the Gent area, reasonable prices, hookup etc?

started by: groundhog-124309 · last update: 1213867851 · posted: 1213790162

Where can I rent DVDs from? In UK i used a service which you ordered DVDs from the internet and then they arrived by post. is there something similar here?

started by: groundhog-124309 · last update: 1213104400 · posted: 1212998999

Where is the statue of the famous Mannekin pis located please?

started by: sweetie-124313 · last update: 1212581511 · posted: 1212243765

Does anyone know a good sushi restaurant in the Charleroi area? Thanks

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Lost in Translation? Richard and Judy want to review the wonderful, weird and wacky TV shows broadcast in Europe. Entertainment Programmes That Are Fabulously Eccentric Soaps With Surreal Storylines Bizarre Game-shows Programmes that would never be broadcast in the UK. We need your suggestions. Please email your ideas to: Euro@Cactustv.co.uk

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Hi, I am a 28yrs male expat recently living in Brussels. i am taking salsa lessons and I am looking for a female counterpart who is willing to practice maybe once a week with a beginner. You don't need to take the lessons with me, you only need to have the interest and the patience of dancing with a beginner. Send me a private mail if you are interested or just reply on the forum and I will get back to you.

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Hi I'm new here and would like to know where are the best places to go for a good night out. Would love to hear your recommendations

started by: jake-123730 · last update: 1202294592 · posted: 1201704916

Heard that this exhibition will be coming to Brussels. Anyone know where and when?

started by: praks_bit · last update: 1201255915 · posted: 1201131691

Hi I will reach in Brussels on 29th Feb night, Being a weekend, i would rather prefer to enjoy some night life in Brussels b4 starting my onward journey next day.. cud any1 suggest me a good place close to airport to hang out or enjoy a drink n meet sme new ppl BR praks

started by: dani-123745 · last update: 1197743267 · posted: 1197631199

Does any one know if there is a Christmas carol service planned over the next week at the Holy Trinity Church?

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Are there any English shows or pantomimes on in English at the moment?

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Brain not working today- discussing this with a friend and neither of us can remember what the word is...Can anyone tell me what the carnival is called that occurs in the middle of Lent (in March)?

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So what do people do on the weekend here? Any ideas of what to visit, where to go on a rainy cold Saturday? Thanks!

started by: newbie-123607 · last update: 1194889579 · posted: 1191246651

Has anyone been to see this exhibition at the Belgian comic strip centre. I thought it looked quite funny and wondered if it was worth the visit and if anyone thinks that young kids might appreciate it? Thanks

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Any recommendations??? Am not really a jazz fan though.

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This is going to be my first weekend in brussels, so can anyone point me in the right direction for my first Friday/Saturday night? Thanks

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Hello, I would like to treat my best friend with a day out being pampered and fed. Does anyone know of any places in Brussels that has this sort of treatment?

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need recommendation for real & reasonable price Indian restaurant.

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