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For years I've always gone to Aux Armes de Bruxelles when I fancy my regular mix of mussels and fries. I'm by no means unhappy with the quality and I love the ambience (which is why I've been going for years) but I was wondering if anyone else had a "favourite" moulerie. I'd be interested to try some alternatives, but would like reccomendations of places people regard as "the best" rather than just having to take "pot luck".

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Could anyone help advise me where to go if I wanted to learn how to play field hockey and join a team that plays regularly over the winter months, preferably open to English speakers.

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Can anyone recommend a cool and nice place in town to celebrate a birthday?

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I am intending to go to the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa Francorchamps on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 September. Could anyone let me know if there are any special trains or buses from Brussels or surrounding areas?

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I would like to know where I can BBC stations in Brussels. I live in Ixelles and will have CODITEL if I choose. Is there no other way to have any or sme of the BBC stations other than going for the full package. Thanks for any advice.

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Does anyone know of any 4th July events going on tonight? Wouldn't mind seeing how it is celebrated outside of the US. Thanks

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Does anyone know where the Ommegang parade starts and where I can find a route. I know that it ends up in the Grand Place around 9pm. Thanks for any info.

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Just wondering if the festival still goes on even if it is raining?

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Hi, Are there any Sumemr solstice festivals happening in the Brussels area or for the fact anywhere in Belgium?

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I was travelling for most of my first year here and want to spend next summer lazing around listening to music:-) Where are the best festivals around Brussels. Are there any free music festivals? I don't have a car, so anything I can get to by public transport would be great.

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The Vocal Consort of Brussels, international mixed adult Chamber choir is still looking for singers. We try to reach a maximum of 12 persons. All voices are welcome, but especially altos and sopranos and 2 bass voices. We are looking for formed singers with capacity to read notes fluently and with some experience. Contemporary Choir music (1900-2007) Because of the death of our German former director we are starting up again with our new director from Holland. Nationalities at this moment: Norwegian, Dutch, Walloon, Flemish, Swedish, Polish and German. It's also a way to new people in town, and doing something creativ beside the daily office life. It's a way to learn Belgians and non-Belgian, Flemish, Walloon and Brussels people. No auditon: but you can participate for 3 rehearsal and than, there is a mutual evaluation with the director. Rehearsals: always on Sundayevening (19-21h) except in July, Easter and Winterholiday and other small Belgian Holidays. Languages: Eng, Fr, Dutch and German (esp Eng) We sing in all possible languages (Latin, Spanish, Norwegian, Dutch f.ex. , there is help for pronunciations.)We are in a building up phase, however, we made alreay our debut or information and repertoire on demand: Please contact Steven De Gieter (leader/financial director) steven_de_gieter@yahoo.de , director tel: 0498 46 77 97 www.tvcobrussels.be (on line end of March - April 2007 with all needed information foreseen) Contact: Steven De Gieter E-Mail: steven_de_gieter@yahoo.de The Vocal Consort of Brussels (Chamber Choir Mob: 0498 46 77 97 - Reform (German-Dutch-French-Russian lessons)

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Can anyone tell me if you are allowed to visit any of the European Commission buildings and where I can find out more info? Thanks

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