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Hi, Wanting to take the wife somewhere special any nice hotels about please post.

started by: oscar-130276 · last update: 1349720238 · posted: 1349007716

I haven't been here long and I'd like to find out about Brussel's jazz clubs. Anyone have a recommendation for me?

started by: franciss · last update: 1349719664 · posted: 1349719450

just thought i would share a great day out i had this weekend at the Grand Place, loads to do.  

started by: franciss · last update: 1347905727 · posted: 1347905727

Hello,   Is there any monuments in the area to visit that anyone could please recomend please.

started by: rmbayley@shaw.ca · last update: 1347837824 · posted: 1347837824

What is a good source for finding listing of cultural events like chamber music, symphony, or choir concerts in Brussels? (Not really into popular music) Looking for big companies and alternative venues that might be less expensive, and some that might have English programmes or English intros. Based in Ixelles, but this would be a good reason to get out to other areas. 

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I have heard that Mannekenpis is frequently dressed up in the national costume of other countries. Does anyone know where I can find out dates when this is happening? I'd love to see it!

started by: kovyryalova · last update: 1347476598 · posted: 1347277841

Hello everybody! Where could I buy new or vintage vinyl records in Brussels? 

started by: Melody-132959 · last update: 1347139349 · posted: 1330694669

Hey guys, we are a young (26 & 27) mixed-nationalities couple (Irish/Slovene) tired of Brussels networking and looking to meet some real people to hang out with. Preferably, we share any of the following interests: movies (commercial and/or Cinematek), reading (especially but definitely not limited to fantasy), dancing (we currently practice bachata), going to concerts and festivals (we like most genres), playing board games, cooking, wine-tasting, etc. Nerds and couples are encouraged to contact us :) Looking forward to meeting you!

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Hi everyone: I'm going to move to Leuven (near Brussels) within the next month or so. I guess I'm getting a little concerned because I haven't turned up much in my online searches that relates to socializing. I plan to learn Dutch as soon as possible, but I'd love to meet some English-speakers. Leuven (where I'll live) is a student town and I'm a single woman in my thirties, so I'd probably be a little out of place hanging out at the local bars. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to meet people? Does anyone know whether there are many English-speakers in that area?I'm not picky about my activities, although it would be nice to meet some people who are into hiking, cooking, and maybe taking dancing lessons.Thanks a lot for any help!

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Hello there¡¡ is there anyone interested in forming a band here in Brussels? I am a guitarist but also can play bass. My main influences are pink floyd, neil young, pearl jam, and basically any good rock band, new or classic. so guys, if anyone is willing to, let me know sending me an email. the plan would be to form a band and play in some bars or cafes around the city.Cheers¡

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Where is the best place to get them without getting ripped off - gather she is coming to Brussels in September.

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Can anyone tell me what's going on today to celebrate Ascension day?

started by: lilly-124479 · last update: 1337010349 · posted: 1336913171

I'd love to go to a club where they play predominantly funk music. Can anyone advise me?

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, Apologies is this post in an incorrect area. I am a new boy here. Later this year I will become resident in Etterbeek and I do rather like to listen to radio. Klara in particular, I have searched for transmission data to no avail. So can anyone let me know as to whether I might receive a strong signal for my aged tuner ? Will I cope with a basic dipole or do I need a 3 or 5 element ? Thank you for your replies, Mark.

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Where can I go to celebrate Paddie's Day tomorrow evening with other Irish people?

started by: partyfreak-132863 · last update: 1330884996 · posted: 1329303240

Hello, I'll be in Brussels for 9 days during the 1st week of March & will be staying at the Hilton in Brussels. I was wondering if any of you would fancy meeting up for drinks, dinner, going out, etc.I am 29, male, originally from Oxford, currently based in Barcelona.PS. Where are the besr places to go out? I am into house and dance music.Thanks

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What is going on tomorrow for mardi gras? Is it a big deal here in Belgium?

started by: lilly-124479 · last update: 1329210751 · posted: 1329141666

Does anyone know of a speed date night taking place tomorrow night for Valentine's Day please?

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Can anyone suggest any bars/cafes around Brussels where they have regular folk music?

started by: oscar-130276 · last update: 1324313542 · posted: 1323766252

Does anyone have any ideas for New Year's Eve which don't include clubbing?

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