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Does anyone know of a speed date night taking place tomorrow night for Valentine's Day please?

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Can anyone suggest any bars/cafes around Brussels where they have regular folk music?

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Does anyone have any ideas for New Year's Eve which don't include clubbing?

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I'd really like to see a French version of 'A Christmas Carol' although English will be fine! Does anyone know if it will be on this Christmas in town?

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To celebrate the upcoming holiday season, Theatre 'L'Ancien Comedien' is inviting you to the premiere of the show 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens, adapted and performed by Sebastian Badarau.In the spirit of Christmas all three shows are free, but we will welcome small donations if you like the show.Pick your venue:Dec 16, 19h 30, BATS Theatre, Paardenmaarkt 111, AntwerpDec 21, 20h30, Theatre La Clarencière, Rue de Belvédère 20, 1050, BruxellesDec 22, 17h00 Sterling Books, Wolvengracht 38, 1000 BruxellesMore info at : www.lanciencomedien.comIn Antwerp you will be treated with mulled wine and minced pies.If you want to come send an email to info@lanciencomedien.com, stating your name and the date of the show.Theatre L Ancien Comédienwww.lanciencomedien.comL Ancien Comédien is the first Belgium based theatre company with a cross-disciplinary approach. Our development and education department lead workshops in schools, starting from themes explored in our current productions

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Hello. I am looking for an authentic salsa club to start going to for lessons with my new partner. As close to the centre of town as possible as I don't have a car. Thanks!!

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Hello everyone. I am looking for a cinema showing films in VO because I have the impression I miss a lot of the story line when I see a film in French. Thanks in advance.

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Bonjour ! I am an English speaking lady 50+ who lives and works in Brussels permanently. I would like to meet a Belgian French speaking gentleman to improve my French during some common pastime and cultural events in Brussels. Will be glad to get your kind response. Elena

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Hi does anyone know what Belgian TV stations will be showing the RWC games? Also, any ideas on places to watch games in Brussels. Irish bars would be a good bet, but most games are early morning European time.

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Hello, I am a young woman in her mid-thirties who is looking to make new friends in Brussels. I am a biologist who enjoys books, writing, art, music, opera, having coffee and dining out, traveling, sightseeing, going for strolls in parks, the occasional game of chess, and pets, to name but a few. If any of this sounds interesting to you, please respond -- maybe we could meet up?

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Hi, does anyone know of a station that speaks English in the Brussels area? Thanks, Vicki

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Hi - I am early 40s English woman, just moved to Brussels for a few years for a work posting, and whilst I have a few friends here, I'd love to meet some new people, and especially to get to know the art galleries and museums of Brussels and around - anyone interested in meeting up for any such visits with maybe a lunch or a beer afterwards?

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Can someone tell me what will be going on for Belgian National Day please?

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I know Belgium doesn't celebrate July 14 but I'd like to anyway after spending a few years living in Paris when I was younger. Does anyone know of a Bastille Day party going on I could join?

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Hey people I saw someone post something on starting a rock band i think its a pretty cool idea!so I decided ... I love to sing but cant play any instruments,, any one that plays acoustic and can also sing ? interested in forming some sort of band please contact me it would be great to do covers by acoustic versions no?contact me asap if interersted

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I have heard that Jean du Jardin has a new silent film coming out called the Artist. Does anyone know the Belgium release date?

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Do you know if there are any parties being organised by the expat community in celebration of the Royal wedding? I'd love to go if so!

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Looking for great things to do this weekend with my visitors. Any ideas gratefully received!

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Do you know if we will be able to see live footage of the Royal wedding on the internet or even on Belgian TV?

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After pondering what we could do those boring Sunday afternoons after we had traipsed all over the markets my partner and I went to the Viage casion for bingo. The idea was that our beloved elderly community would eat their hot lunches and totter on down for a little naughty fun.Sadly, this was not the case. The room was filled with big empty tables, big comfy green chairs, a woman bored to death and a shiny bingo ball machine.As much fun as it was to play the 2 of us, it unfortunately meant the bingos and lines we were getting were merely fractions of the 2.50euro we were paying for a card. it was only the chance of the 500euro jackpot that kept us there.So to all you out there who have early starts on those manic mondays, lets go to bingo! 16:00 sunday at the Viage. We could all use another expat hub right?

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