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I am looking for a soul/jazz female singer to perform at a cleint's wedding in June of this year. Please get in touch if you are interested.

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any good bars/ clubs around avenue louise - bld de la cambre area

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My mum went to see this film in the UK and gave me raving reviews about it. Do you know if it will come out over here?

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Do you know of any events in Brussels for singles this Valentine's weekend?

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Do you know of anywhere hosting a Burns night event in Brussels?

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Hi I am looking to arrange a night out once a fortnight or once a week if popular at a bar in Antwerp for singles or couples looking to meet new people and extend their social circle. Ideally it would be from 25s to 35s although age discrimination is not an issue So if you live in Antwerp and want to meet new and exciting people in 2011 then please respond to this message and I will post a date and a time for us all to meet up. Depending on the amount of people I will find a big enough bar that we can meet up at and have a few drinks and maybe find a new partner....who knows This is a free event and simply for those looking for a fun night out who want to meet new like minded individuals or couples so add your message First meeting in the new year!

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I've just secured a 6 month design engineering contract in brussels. I would like to meet new friends for cinema, activities, dinner, trips out sightseeing, nights out in the city etc.. john :)

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Hi all,I have just recently shifted to Brussels from Singapore and am looking for friends who might be interested watching movies or going mountain biking or traveling to nearby places around Brussels or just meeting up for dinner or drinks. I want to expand my social circle here as I am getting quite bored staying at home all the time :pJust a bit about myself, I was born in India, stayed half my life there and half my life in Singapore.. I can speak English (duh), Hindi, Telugu and a really microscopically tiny bit of French. As my nick says, I was born in 84 so I am 26yrs old :)I love trying out new things or sports too and would love to try things like rock climbing, hiking, trekking and traveling to nearby countries.Would love to hear from a couple of you =)Regards,Arjun

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Do you know of any special events in Brussels to mark Thanksgiving next week?

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I was wondering if there is any place to make a bonfire. I was planning on doing one for a long time now and I still don't know where to do it :) I know you can't do it in bois de la cambre, though I've seen few already. Tried searching the web , but I didn't find anything interesting - I guess it's either original or just very obvious:).

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I am looking for an English and or Italian speaking wedding planner in the Brussels area. Any ideas?

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I keep seeing signs for a 'Nuit Blanche' this evening. Can anyone tell me what it's all about?

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Couple looking for social activities on an evening, dog walking etc....anyone recommend anywhere? we are in pas de calais jamie

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Do you know how much it costs to get into the Bataclan nightclub? I am thinking of going for my 30th next week but don't want my friends to have to pay an arm and a leg to get in and have a few drinks!

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I have heard something about a flower carpet in the Grand Place. Can anyone fill me in?

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What goes on here for the Fete Nationale of June 21st?

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Are there any singles events going on this summer in Brussels please?

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Looking for a wine bar that offers tasting sessions, for a birthday treat for a good friend who loves wine. Any ideas please?

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Does anyone know what will be going on for the Fete de la Musique this year??

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Hi, is anyone going to the BEP concert in Antwerp on Weds from the Tervuren area or surroundings?

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