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Hi, is anyone going to the BEP concert in Antwerp on Weds from the Tervuren area or surroundings?

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Does anyone know of a pub where the Stormers vs Sharks super14 game will be shown tonight (8 May)

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Will there be any celebrations going on for May Day? Not even sure if it is celebrated here. Looking forward to your replies.

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What is going on tonight in Brussels for St Patricks Day? I have seen no posters up at all. Is it even celebrated here?

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Does anything go on for carnival in Brussels?

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Hello, I am desperate to go to this. My husband isn't interested though. I live in Tervuren and can't drive. I haven't bought the ticket yet but I believe there are tickets to the 2 mid-week shows in Antwerp and the 28 Feb Sunday 8pm show in Brussels. It will be easier of course to attend the show in Brussels but my husband is going on a trip and has to leave Sunday night which means, he can't drive me to the show venue. I can probably get our friends to babysit, but I'm just not very comfortable going on my own, not to mention that on public transport, it might take me ages to get there and get back, and I don't want to be out too late. Is there anyone going to the show from my part of town who wouldn't mind giving me a lift there and back?

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I am fed up with sitting watching TV at night- whats good to do on an evening?

started by: lilly-124479 · last update: 1262599855 · posted: 1262201179

Any ideas for a last minute New Year's Eve idea?

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Hi!Could someone who has lived in Brussels for many years please tell me if there will be a lot of fireworks (not organised) New Year's Eve and in the days following?? I know about the planned displays, but just wanted to know if people in general set a lot off in the streets etc at midnight and the weekend following New Year?Thanks very much in advance - and a happy New Year to you all.Lotte

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Apart from the Christmas festivities in central Brussels, which other ones in the area are worth a look at?

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I have heard there will be a Mongolian themed Christmas fair. Does anyone know where this will be?

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Is there an Englosh language radio station I can pick up in Brussels ?

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Hi you, Are you new or not new in town and want to meet nice and interesting people and make new friends?Why not joining us at http://www.meetup.com/www-meetup-com-brussels-newint/calendar/11579693/Give a go and you will tell yourself the result.We hope to meet you there.Cheers,Bakoly and the all members

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Are there any Halloween balls or other events happening on the 31st?

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What is your favourite local radio station and why?

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Just wondering if there is food available there or if you are able to take a picnic. Also how long would you expect to spend there, would you be entertained for a whole day?

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I am planning a party for the beginning of this year and need to hire a hall or something similar. Does anyone have any ideas of where might do this?

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Does anyone know of an English comedy night taking place at any time? DOn't know about you guys but I am in serious need of some English humour!

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I really fancy giving salsa a try, but am not sure of where i can find classes. Can anyone point me in the right direction.

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I am new to Brussels - does anyone know of a good library with a selection of English titles? Thanks

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