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Does anybody know a good but cheap shop to buy games for PS2. My child is looking for a game called Splinter Cell or/and God of War I... around Ixelles.

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Hello everyone, I am moving to Belgium from Italy. I have 2 children of age 6 and 10. My children study at international school here and follow IB program.I am entitled to private and international school fees in Belgium from my employer ( not the clubs, lunch and transportation). My children also speaks fluent English. I am planning to live in Belgium for around 3 to 4 years maybe more and then move to USA. I choose two schools but I am kind of confused between ISB ( international school of Brussels)in watermaal boistfort and BSB ( British school of Brussels) in Tervuren. I would like to know which school has the edge in terms of friendly environment towards students and parents, (no bullying) strong academics and extracurricular activities and need reviews on these things. I don’t mind American curriculum or British as my children are still young and I want them academically strong and also better at sports, swimming especially and arts. I see that extracurricular activities in BSB are free vs ISB( which I will have to pay) but is it the strong differentiator? As I see ISB is more expensive than BSB even without clubs charges.  I really want to choose the right and best school for kids. I also want to understand which area would be safe, clean, pretty, friendly and international to live in: Tervuren or watermael Boistfort/ Audergham? And has lot of rental properties choices ( range within 1000 to 1600k for 3 bed apartment or house) and good transport system. ( if I am not able to drive my kids, I could take tram or bus) and then some days go back to office in wavre. ( as I don’t want to pay for bus) I am really confused as choosing the right school and than the right area to live in as I am completely new in Belgium. I would highly appreciate to hear your suggestions and responses and guidance. Many thanks in advance.

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All my girlfriends have a boyfriend, and I really feel terrible and really want to find a soul mate to feel so much better. Thank!

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Can anyone recommend a restaurant or café with activities for kids like a play area. Thanks in advance for for your suggestions.

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Hi,I have relocated to Brussels a few months ago and my family will finally join me this weekend and I want to give them an unforgettable first weekend in Brussels. I have 5 years old twin boys. What would you do with them (both if it rains or if it is good weather)?Thanks,Joaquim

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Can someone recommend to me an online or offline store where to buy things for babies? Like toddler pillows, wraps and so on? I'd be very grateful

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I am looking for a nice host family In belgium I prefer live out if the family is on antwerpen region but if the family prefer live in that's also fine. Currently I am a aupair here in The Netherlands and my contract ends on january 2013. you can email me at daisy.lacuesta.rivera@gmail.com

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Hello,Does anyone have any tips on a good French language course, teacher or organisation for children. My sons aged 4 and 6 need to get up to speed for school. They are English native speakers and we live in Ixelles. We would consider private lessons if there is anyone reading this who is interested in tutoring also.Thank you.

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My friend is coming out to visit with her 20 month old daughter and I don't have any equipment. I need to rent a baby bed, a high chair and a car seat. Does anyone know where I can rent this kind of stuff in Brussels please??

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I am interested in finding an english native speaker (not necessarily a teacher) teaching /playing in english (learning words, getting familiar with english language and pronunciation) with my baby daughter (2 years old) once or twice a week.  Anybody interested? 

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Today I was working in my forest making fires and clearing bramble while my sons made teepees.  They were collecting mud seeing if they could construct a fire hearth within their teepee.  They had a ball.. Both so engaged with what they were doing.  I started wondering if any other parents would be interested on a Sunday bringing children along to make outdoor huts build fires and clear forest.I would think this activity would suit children 4 and up.   What do you think? Thanks Wendy  

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Does anyone know where I can buy Holle organic baby milk powder in Brussels please?

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Dear All,  We have just recently moved to Brussels (Woluwe Saint Lambert) and we looking for some activities for English speaking kids - boy 4.5 year. Does anyone know if there are any groups like this - preferably in our area but not nessesarly.  I would be greatfull for any suggestions.   Kind Regards woluwe saint lambert

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hi all, I am looking for a ballet class that takes children as young as 3. Any ideas please?

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I am looking for an  English speaker to teach English to my 4 and 6 year old daughters. This  would take place one to two times a week. I live in Boitsfort.

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i need to find a patient, English speaking hairdresser to cut my daughter's hair. I'm in Ixelles. Any ideas please?

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We have a 6 month old son and I would like to go back to work in January. We therefore need to find a nanny, (French mothertongue speaker). Any ideas on how we could go about finding one and how much is the going rate?

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Do you know f a place I can take my niece to have her picture taken with Santa Claus please?

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I'm looking for retired women who has a lot  free time.English is not my mother tongue and I'd like to improve my skills. What I need is Practise So I am looking for someone to speak with, who could spend some time with me and correct me when needed. Feel free to contact me if interested.

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