French language lessons for children

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Hello,Does anyone have any tips on a good French language course, teacher or organisation for children. My sons aged 4 and 6 need to get up to speed for school. They are English native speakers and we live in Ixelles. We would consider private lessons if there is anyone reading this who is interested in tutoring also.Thank you.


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I heard that International House do lessons designed for young children. You could try there.

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Are they going to go to French school? In which case I wouldn't bother with French lessons, unless you really want to, an hour or two a week is going to make little difference, only many hours a day in French over several months are going to bring any advancement.

If it's for an English school doing French lessons, then ask the school if they know anyone or if their French teacher does private lessons. Going rate is around 20 euro an hour.

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