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I am pregnant (2 months) and I have been told that creche places here are hard to come by. Would it be ludicrous to put my future child's name (don't have one yet!) on a waiting list?


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it would be ludicrous NOT to start searching now. Use the ONE and Kind en Gezin websites to search for creches, both inspect both languages if in Brussels, ONE only in Wallonia and Kind en Gezin only in Flanders. Avoid the expat marketed creches such as Kidfarwest, Kid's Attitude as they always have places and for the extra 300 euro you will be paying, you get nothing extra from the mouths of current and past parents. Phone, visits, phone, phone, phone, do it at least once a month. Always ask for inspection reports, or order your own from ONE / Kind en Gezin. Never be pressured into signing a contract until you're 100% comfortable with the creche and understand the contract and understand how long the contract is and any penalties for breaking the contract early.

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I would also be looking at schooling too. Some areas are the very worst place you could live for looking for a school, such as bang in the middle of Brussels or Ixelles. 

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I would also say start looking now, i had great difficulty getting my daughter in here.

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Hi Lilly, i know what you are going through. Yes i was 7 months preg and happened to have looked for creches since i was 2 months preg!! actually most of the creches i went to here in Etterbeek their personeels would say," we are fully booked till next yr?!" But when i tried kind and gezin and showed them something that showed i was going for a dutch course in 5 months then ofcourse after the delivery(6wks) i started getting calls from creches- as far as Ukkel,Oudeghem,Ukelele.

I chose Ukelele coz it's near my hubs place of work. We pay according to those tax..... and i have never worked in BE so we pay reasonable charges. There is still space in Ukelele, in Herman Debroux. I don't know if you like Dutch speaking creches and where you live but it's a big place, safe and enough staff.

Gd luck,


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