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Do you know of a Montessori school in Brussels please? I'd love to hear from mums who already send their children to such a school.


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Take a look at the map.


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What is a Montessori school?

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I looked it basically, they are privately run with teachers that have done a quick course??? Am I correct??

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It reminds me a bit of the TEFL type courses, although much more expensive.  I am not really sure that I would want my children to go to one of these "schools" to be honest. My sister is a teacher in the UK and has studied hard and worked for years before she considered herself a qualified teacher.

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I certainly wouldn't say there are "teachers" at the 10 Montessoris in the greater Brussels area are of a standard of having done a quick course, especially not true of the 5 schools in the International Montessori chain, some of the schools employ people without qualified teacher qualifications (in a Montessori you'd expect a qualified teacher to have done additional Montessori training),  some of the schools have non native English / French teachers, a high percentage of the children speak neither French nor English, some schools have no French native speaking children at all. I'd say some of the schools are ideal if your child already speaks French and English, if they don't, well I'd be looking elsewhere.

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