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Does anyone know where I can buy a sling for carrying babies please?


Lydia-126488 1313768355

Try Premaman, Mothercare, or The Moby wrap has some good reviews.

Gemmy-907739 1369522792

Hi so lovely to see a parent wanting to carry there baby :). There are several different types of sling and when buying male pure the fabric goes from behind one knee to the behind the other and does not only support them at crouch (think how you would feel). Not only with this make baby more comfy but it's better for there hips :). I found a lovely shop today in a shopping center I think its called the woluwe center just outside Brussels. They were selling a lovely woven wrap, a stretchy wrap and an ergo carrier. Both the woven and ergo will suit from baby to toddler and stretchy is only for 1su couple of months x 

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Thanks for your reply Gemmy!

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