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Hi, Sounds a bit lonely hearts or maybe I should go onto a dating site but I travel every other weekend to Brussels (Uccle - Chaussee de Waterloo) to spend time with my two lovely daughters aged 6 and 4 and although we've joined David Lloyd that gives me a little structure to do things with them I'd really like to meet up with other people with kids of a similar age. Is there another weekend Dad out there or even a weekend Mum (god that does sound like I should be on a dating site!). Any groups for Dads or mixed scenarios that I coud join in would be good - we (me and the lumpkins) are very social, we've got all our own teeth, although Anna has just lost her first milk tooth, and are really well behaved, litter trained etc. :) Don't quite need 'saving' but be nice to hear from kind inclusive souls!! Cheers Peter (aged 50 and 2 weeks!)


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Hi Peter, one possibility could be to check out what events are taking place for kids in Brussels over the weekend. You may be able to meet other like minded souls at one of those.


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There is a dads at home group which is part of BCT, unfortunately their next "open house" is on a wednesday! It's not quite the same is it but it's a dad group. There is also a monthly playgroup on a saturday where dads attend.


Single parents who are expats are not big in numbers here, I feel for you. Having had a husband be violent towards me for years and now unfaithful, I can tell you there is no more lonely life than bring up children alone, especially when surrounded by families of 2 parents.

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