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Hello parents with little ones! Have you heard of Little Humane Books? It's a wonderful initiative! They are (developing) a new type of subscription for children's books. It will help parents in Belgium (and beyond) to find unique English books to inspire little ones to read -and build a more humane world.Give your input! They are looking for parent and school/teacher input on the priorities for their children's education. In return, they will offer a free trial of their books to help inspire your little one! Have a look, send your input and spread word of Little Humane Books via...The website: http://littlehumanebooks.mystrikingly.comThe survey: https://forms.gle/vaKEfDntKq9JuNTk8 

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I am interested in finding an english native speaker (not necessarily a teacher) teaching /playing in english (learning words, getting familiar with english language and pronunciation) with my baby daughter (2 years old) once or twice a week.  Anybody interested? 

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Hi,I have relocated to Brussels a few months ago and my family will finally join me this weekend and I want to give them an unforgettable first weekend in Brussels. I have 5 years old twin boys. What would you do with them (both if it rains or if it is good weather)?Thanks,Joaquim

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Today I was working in my forest making fires and clearing bramble while my sons made teepees.  They were collecting mud seeing if they could construct a fire hearth within their teepee.  They had a ball.. Both so engaged with what they were doing.  I started wondering if any other parents would be interested on a Sunday bringing children along to make outdoor huts build fires and clear forest.I would think this activity would suit children 4 and up.   What do you think? Thanks Wendy  

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Can anyone recommend a restaurant or café with activities for kids like a play area. Thanks in advance for for your suggestions.

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Does anyone know where I can buy Holle organic baby milk powder in Brussels please?

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Dear All,  We have just recently moved to Brussels (Woluwe Saint Lambert) and we looking for some activities for English speaking kids - boy 4.5 year. Does anyone know if there are any groups like this - preferably in our area but not nessesarly.  I would be greatfull for any suggestions.   Kind Regards woluwe saint lambert

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hi all, I am looking for a ballet class that takes children as young as 3. Any ideas please?

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I am looking for an  English speaker to teach English to my 4 and 6 year old daughters. This  would take place one to two times a week. I live in Boitsfort.

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i need to find a patient, English speaking hairdresser to cut my daughter's hair. I'm in Ixelles. Any ideas please?

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We have a 6 month old son and I would like to go back to work in January. We therefore need to find a nanny, (French mothertongue speaker). Any ideas on how we could go about finding one and how much is the going rate?

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Do you know f a place I can take my niece to have her picture taken with Santa Claus please?

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I'm looking for retired women who has a lot  free time.English is not my mother tongue and I'd like to improve my skills. What I need is Practise So I am looking for someone to speak with, who could spend some time with me and correct me when needed. Feel free to contact me if interested.

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Does anyone know of an organised trick or treat for kids in a neighbourhood of Brussels please?

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Can anyone recommend a good English speaking paediatrician in the Uccle area please?

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Does anyone know what is going on Brussels for Halloween? I'm looking for something suitable for a 5 year old.

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Does anyone know of a depot Vente for kids clothes and toys?

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Does anyone know of a company renting out bouncy castles?

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