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Hi, we are moving to Belgium within the next six months for work commitment's. We want to move to the French speaking part of Belgium as we have been living in France for the last three years and the kids speak both French and English, we feel that asking them to learn Dutch would be asking too much. So we are asking for advice from ex-pats on the following, buying a house, finding a school, health care, and any problems encountered when making the move (red tape etc..) Thanks....... thanks gurtie

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Hi, My son is interested in buying the new shoes that have a single small rollerblade on the soles of their feet? I was wondering how safe they are and how expensive and where to buy them. I am obviously hesitating because my son is still growing and I would rather he had normal shoes but they are the in thing for the moment and I said I would look into it. Could anyone give me some advice?

started by: fleur-123459 · last update: 1193244830 · posted: 1193136105

Hi Halloween is around the corner. I need an outfit for my son, any recommendations where I can buy one?

started by: Patrick-123354 · last update: 1193136370 · posted: 1193136264

We will be travelling with a little baby on a plane and we are wondering how much milk we will be allowed to take on board. As it is impossible to find a rep to talk to I was wondering if anyone had recent experience of this?

started by: fleur-123459 · last update: 1192561355 · posted: 1192543317

Hi, ever since my child went back to preschool she has caught something every week and missed at least 1 day a week of school. Either coughing, cold, fever or everything else. Has anyone tried any homeopathy to keep their child from catching everything at school. I realise it is good for them becauese they are trying to build an immune system but she loves school and is missing out. I know I cannot avoid colds, flu, stomach flu etc... but just curious if anyone has tried anything yet?

started by: MissSarah-123581 · last update: 1192543426 · posted: 1191603387

Anyone know a guitar teacher for my son? He is a beginner. English or French speaking only. Thanks Sarah

started by: newbie-123607 · last update: 1191240975 · posted: 1190378779

Can anyone recommend a nice restaurant to go to where kids are welcome and where they are sure to find something they like on the menu? Thanks

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Can anyone recommend their hairdresser - for me and kids? Hate hairdressers more than dentists - they never do it like I want it! Does anyone have one that cuts hair the way you ask??

started by: RLIMST-123619 · last update: 1189680693 · posted: 1189590920

Need help on French school info. My daughter is currently 2yrs old...she will be due for school next year. Our home speaks French & English. Any french school that your kids are attending now, that u cld share some insights? We are living in Leuven now, and may consider to move to Brussels.

started by: fleur-123459 · last update: 1189591048 · posted: 1188813881

Does anyone know if it is possible to rent a stroller, a folding one something like a Maclaren? I have family visiting at the weekend with a toddler, and it would be really useful? TIA

started by: MissSarah-123581 · last update: 1188574860 · posted: 1187813618

Both my son (age 7) and daughter (age 5) want football lessons. In either French or English. Does anyone know where they can be found? In Southern end of the city if poss. Many thanks Sarah

started by: Alice-123571 · last update: 1188205611 · posted: 1187649267

Are there English-speaking music or dancing classes for kids somewhere in Brussels? Thanks for any hints.

started by: eve-123422 · last update: 1187710258 · posted: 1187083036

Have any non Flemish/ non EU parents sent their child to a Flemish school? What should you be prepared with? What are the good schools you can recommend in Zaventem?

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My childeren need a haircut. Does anyone know of a good hair salon where the people speak English in brussels?

started by: Victoria-123351 · last update: 1185810089 · posted: 1185796696

I will be going to Depanne from Brussels with a 3 year old. Does anyone know how long it takes by train from Brussels to Depanne. Thanks for any info

started by: fleur-123459 · last update: 1184944605 · posted: 1183976150

I would like to find a second hand child's bike but they all seem so expensive first hand. If anyone is selling one second hand please let me know. Thanks

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Does anybody know a good but cheap shop to buy games for PS2. My child is looking for a game called Splinter Cell or/and God of War I... around Ixelles.

started by: fleur-123459 · last update: 1184062534 · posted: 1183976243

Has anyone had experience of the night train to Paris. I was thinking of taking the night train to Paris with my kids but did not know how safe it. Could anyone give me some advice?

started by: Patrick-123354 · last update: 1183029958 · posted: 1182943262

Do you think it ok to take kids to the Couleur Cafe this weekend?

started by: Patrick-123354 · last update: 1180915204 · posted: 1179909706

I have just heard that my children's school does not have garderie during the July and August. So what do people do with their children for those two months? I am sure there is an alternative but what?

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