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We are thinking of moving into the City for a bit more action in the Brussels area. What is there to do in Brussels with kids?

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Does anyone know anything about the communale school Jardin D'Elise near the ULB? Thanks for any useful advice

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AD/HD Belgium Launch ULB, Salle Dupréel, Campus Solbosch (Institute of Sociology), Building S, Avenue Jeanne, 44, 1050 Brussels. Family Education Day with information and presentations in Flemish, French, English and German. Topics will cover four important areas of concern for families who live with AD/HD and/or related conditions: • Symptoms / Diagnosis / Treatment of ADHD • Behavioural therapy insights for managing ADHD at home • Managing behavioural problems using limits and rewards • Providing balance and a positive environment Free Registration . AD/HD Belgium Family Education Day begins : 09:30 and ends : 17:00. Books about AD/HD and related conditions will be available in each of the different languages and refreshments / lunch available. Further details:Donnalea Barber (simon.barber@skynet.be)or Joanne Norris (coaching@chello.be)

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Anyone know where I can find white shoes for a child that does not cost an arm and a leg?

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Does anyone have a good children's dentist in the Brussels area?

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Why do the commune schools have so many 'teacher training days' in May when we have 3 bank holidays anyway. Just wondering if anyone has the reason?

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Does anyone know where to buy good but cheap clothes for children?

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I have just found out that May 1st is a bank holiday. New to Brussels. What do people do with family on this day? Any ideas?

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Can anyone recommend an English speaking playgroup in the Brussels area? Thanks

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Hi, I have not been in Brussels too long but wanted to know when the sales are. Are they on just clothes or everything. Do children's clothes go on sale too?

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I have got family coming over to stay next week (oh joy!) and was wondering if anyone knows the weather forecast and has any ideas of things to do, I know thry will want to try the Belgian Beers but what other 'cultural' things should I introduce them to?

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My family and I will be moving to Brussels with two children aged 3 and 7 could anyone recommend a good Belgian school? Private schooling is not a possibility and I would like them to be bi-lingual at some point. Thanks in advance

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