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Does anyone know of a soft play centre in Brussles for suitable for 2-5 year olds please?

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Can anyone recommend a good French language magazine subscription for a 6 year old boy please?

started by: Uccle Mom · last update: 1441972621 · posted: 1441214083

Does anyone know of any baby activity classes in Brussels I can take my little one to? I was thinking, baby gym, baby music class etc...

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My son has decided that he'd like to write to a penpal in another country but I don't have a clue where to start looking for one. Do you know of any safe schemes for children looking for penpals?

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I would like to hear from other parents of multilingual toddlers. My child is nearly 2 and doesn't say many words yet. Is anyone else in the same boat?

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Hello, I am mum with two small kids, just arrived 1 week ago to Brusseles. I am renting small room, some days ago orner ask me to live they house till 31 july, befor it was agreement till 31 August. My small baby is just 3 weeks old. During next two week I have to find flat to rent.  No expirience for renting in Brussells. Can somebody help me to find websites, or may be here somedbody give flats for rent??? I will happy if somebody can help me with information; 

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I am looking for an EN teacher for 5 kids aging from 7 to 5 that will come home, to start in beginning of September. 2 boys are french, 2 girls are portuguese and 1 dutch.

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I am starting to think about Summer camps to send my daughter to during the holidays. Preferably something in English. Any ideas please?

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My friend is coming out to visit with her 20 month old daughter and I don't have any equipment. I need to rent a baby bed, a high chair and a car seat. Does anyone know where I can rent this kind of stuff in Brussels please??

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Hi Everyone, I'm currently completing my case studies and essay for my prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher certificate and looking for pregnant ladies who would like to take part in free pregnancy yoga classes (I'm a children's yoga and meditation teacher).  If you are interested please call me on 0488150151 or email me: anna.zencorner@gmail.com. Have a nice day.

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Can anyone recommend any carnival related activities I can take my son to on Wednesday please? He is 3. THanks!

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My daughter would love me to take her to see Santa. Does anyone know if there is a grotto in town?

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What do you put in the kid's Xmas stocking? Does anyone have any ideas of good places to buy stocking fillers?

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I am looking for a warehouse type store for kids shoes. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I don't care if it is a bit out of town, I just want lots of choice and competitive prices!

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I am hosting a Halloween party for my 1 year old and her friends. Can you think of any very simple Halloween themed activities we could do with them so that they can experience the festivitity in a way which is accessible to them?

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Hi everyone, I am looking for some ideas of things to do with my one year old on the frequent rainy days we seem to have here in Brussels. THanks in advance for your help!

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Hello! I have a son.and i am pregnancy.so i am not working and looking for families  with babies..for share experience.to drink tea.and play with babies

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We are looking for an English speaking summer camp to enroll our son at next week. We are in central Brussels. Any suggestions please?

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Hello, I am moving to Brussels in August and is planning to start to work in September when my baby is 11 months. Hence, we need to find a solution for her during my working hours. Ideally we would like a full time live in nanny, can someone recommend where I could find an good one, what the normal cost (everything included) is and what regulations there are? Second, I also wonder about these creches.. Which are the good ones if you want an english speaking one, how many months do you usually have to wait before getting a place and what is the monthly cost for a good one? Would really appreciate as much information as possible as I feel a bit stressed about the situation. I will also ask my company for support, so hopefully they have offer some.. Thanks Vallie

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I need to have some professional passport photos taken of my baby (I have tried the photo booth but it didn't work out!). Can anyone recommend a studio in Ixelles?

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