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I have to fly to London for a wedding at the start of August and it will be the first time I have travelled with my 10 month old. Does anyone have any advice for keeping her entertained on board or ways in which to ensure the trip runs smoothly?

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If you are an expecting parent or parent of a new born baby, I would really love to meet you! I am working on a entreprenarial project to propose original ways to announce life-changing events such as pregnancy and birth. So that my project fits the needs of expecting and young parents, I need to meet some of you: a tea or a coffee (it's on me! ;) ), hearing about your experience and getting your opinion on my services ideas would be of a great help. So if you are willing to meet me for 20 minutes (or more if you feel like sharing more), that would make my day and help my project move in the right direction! Thanks a lot  

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Can anyone recommend a baby massage class in Ixelles? I have heard it is a greaat way to relax baby and to meet other parents but as we don't speak much French, we are a little restricted. Any ideas?

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Hi, I'm looking for groups of mums-dads with low age kid(s) to meet and share a talk, and especially to let our LOs mingle and play. I have a 9-month old boy who is surely out seeking for playing and interaction. I know only the Atelier Haricot Magique where we will go for a music atelier soon, for the first time. Other than this, I know the BCT (Brussels Childbirth..?) Thanks

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We will be having a private French tutor for or son as of September and because he is rather expensive, we are looking for another child to share the costs. The lesson will take place in Ixelles and our son is 12. If you are interested, please get in touch.

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We would like to find a nanny for our child as opposed to a kindergarten with lots of other children. We don't mind if she also looks after one or two other children. Can anyone recommend someone relieable and experienced in Ixelles?

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Do you know where I can buy UV sun clothes (hats in particular) for babies please?

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Hello, I am 17 year old student studying in Leuven and living at Brussels. I am fluent in English but I don't speak french or dutch. I have classes off on friday to sunday so I was trying to search a baby sitting job. I am good with kids since I have been baby sitting my 5 year old cousin and his friends since few months. And I am also good with pets, so if you have any pets then I can take good care of them too. If you have any questions regarding my experience or anything else related to job  then you can leave the comment below. Thank you.

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My wife and I are considering moving to Brussels.  I have been offered a job there but she will be at home with our 2 young children. Is it easy to quickly make friends with families?  Are there any baby/toddlergroups that people would recommend? Or indeed any other recommendations. We are both concerned she may feel a little isolated as we both only speak limited French. Thanks for any help.  

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We are looking for indoor fun activities to do with our 3 year old this weekend? Any ideas gratefully accepted!

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I would like to initiate my 3 month old to music. Can anyone recommend a class suitable for this age group and their mums?

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Hi, we have just moved to Brussels and until I start working I would like to go with my 2 year old daughter to swimming lessons. Searching the web was unfortunately unsuccessful. Does anyone know where swimming lessons are offered for that age group? We live in Uccle, but I do have a car if necessary. Thank you very much in advance

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I would like to become a nanny; does anyone know what qualifications are required for child minders here in Belgium?

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Can anyone recommed a nice tasting organic baby milk? We would a baby bio brand tin but i tried it and it tastes like hulled soya beans (although its based on cow's milk). My baby is drinking it but not finishing her bottles as she used to with the non organic stuff.

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Does anyone know where I might get a Despicable Me Minion in or around Brussels? I tried to order from amazon but no delivery to Belgium. Also looked at some Belgian toy stores online but they dont seem to have the soft toy version. Thanks in advance

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I am looking for Saturday morning activities I can take my son to in Dutch. The idea is for him to pick up the language in a fun environment. He is 6 years old. 

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Can anyone recommend ballet classes for my 6 year old daughter please?

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Im looking for a babysitting,cleaning or nanny job because I have plenty of vacant mornings from tuesday-friday..if you need help please contact me with this number 0483019587..willing and ready to help..

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Looking for percussion lessons for our 7 year old son who is desperate to take up this pursuit. Any ideas?

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Hi we moved to Brussels (evere) about 3 weeks ago and now my husband is working I find myself and my also 3yr old boy (Ewan) getting a little bored. We have been used to nursery and work a couple of days a week and although I am very sociable and will talk to any one I can't speak French and haven't yet found anyone who I can have a conversation with in English which is making me feel rather cut off. I'm looking to make some friend for me and for Ewan who is also missing his friends and also something free or very cheap for us to do which isn't the local park every day x 

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