started by: varbru · last update: 1372988490 · posted: 1348667443

I am looking for a chemistry teacher for my daughter who is in fifth secondary year. Preferably if she/he could come to our place near Schuman.

started by: yael-125230 · last update: 1372872984 · posted: 1372696058

I am looking for a summer camp involving animals for my 7 year old niece who will be coming to stay for the whole of August. She loves horses and dogs. Any suggestions please? We are in Uccle.

started by: saffy-124396 · last update: 1372612720 · posted: 1372612720

I am looking for some ideas for trips out of Brussels centre for this summer. Any suggestions for me and my husband please?

started by: oscar-130276 · last update: 1372188587 · posted: 1371462570

I would like to find a couple of week long summer camps to send the kids to this July/August. We have the grandparents coming out for some of the holidays but not all. Thanks for your help.

started by: Peter Bell-264682 · last update: 1371240005 · posted: 1371008505

Hi, Sounds a bit lonely hearts or maybe I should go onto a dating site but I travel every other weekend to Brussels (Uccle - Chaussee de Waterloo) to spend time with my two lovely daughters aged 6 and 4 and although we've joined David Lloyd that gives me a little structure to do things with them I'd really like to meet up with other people with kids of a similar age. Is there another weekend Dad out there or even a weekend Mum (god that does sound like I should be on a dating site!). Any groups for Dads or mixed scenarios that I coud join in would be good - we (me and the lumpkins) are very social, we've got all our own teeth, although Anna has just lost her first milk tooth, and are really well behaved, litter trained etc. :) Don't quite need 'saving' but be nice to hear from kind inclusive souls!! Cheers Peter (aged 50 and 2 weeks!)

started by: saffy-124396 · last update: 1369760714 · posted: 1312449555

Does anyone know where I can buy a sling for carrying babies please?

started by: yael-125230 · last update: 1367349174 · posted: 1366829952

A friend of mine has just had a baby and I want to buy her a  present but she seems to have everything in terms of clothes and accessories. Any ideas?

started by: Olulagirl · last update: 1366144292 · posted: 1366133138

I have seen loads of adverts for this School, has anyone more info on it please.

started by: lilly-124479 · last update: 1361190838 · posted: 1360914495

I am pregnant (2 months) and I have been told that creche places here are hard to come by. Would it be ludicrous to put my future child's name (don't have one yet!) on a waiting list?

started by: Charpentier-884875 · last update: 1360914376 · posted: 1360708973

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started by: oscar-130276 · last update: 1360685111 · posted: 1360666952

We are going to have a baby this summer and we are wondering about the nationality. We are residents of Belgium but my wife is Swedish and I am English. Can anyone advise me?

started by: RichardD-889337 · last update: 1360606378 · posted: 1360260158

Hi, My daughter is six months old and I have just got a full time job so will need mon-thursday. Should you know of any Childcare places please let me know. Cheers.

started by: elsie-133645 · last update: 1359015496 · posted: 1358878894

Hi, Could you please let me know where the nearest play parks are please, and direction if possible, get lost very easily. Many Thanks

started by: serena-124406 · last update: 1357120362 · posted: 1356092520

Do you know of a Montessori school in Brussels please? I'd love to hear from mums who already send their children to such a school.

started by: kerryk-133674 · last update: 1354889367 · posted: 1354813229

Hi, is there anywhere that sells childrens ball pools please?

started by: lilly-124479 · last update: 1354813148 · posted: 1354650112

My son would love to visit Santa's grotto in the run up to the big day. Does anyone know if there is one in central Brussels?

started by: barryb-133679 · last update: 1353953027 · posted: 1353953027

Hi, Looking for some extra help 8 years maths school books any idea guys?

started by: franciss · last update: 1353616988 · posted: 1353439149

is there any schools in the area which yo could reccomend please.

started by: yael-125230 · last update: 1351588133 · posted: 1351111063

I would like to find some Halloween themed sweets for a Halloween party. Any ideas please?

started by: nellyblue · last update: 1351111164 · posted: 1281007601

Does anyone have any sugestions for an english or french creche (our baby is 7 mths) in the chatelain, louise area? We have contacted a few and they all seem full until 2012! Alternatively any ideas/risks/experiences/contacts for a nanny to come to our house 2-3 hours each day. Many thanks

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