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Hi,  I am an Irish expat living in Brussels in need of a reliable financial adviser I can trust. I have some savings I want to invest but I need to know the tax implications of the different investment alternatives in front to me. Anyone able to recommend reliable advisers I could contact?

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Hi, Does anyone know what steps I could take to try to pursue a company that went out of business (due to death of owner) before delivering a sofabed for which we had paid?  It was long-established, and no, the payment was not by credit card.  I have the company details and proof of payment. Many thanks.

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I am a private investor looking for serious business investment opportunities and business partnerships in both running and newly created businesses which require additional capital for expansion. please contact me directly at christipawns@yahoo.com if you are looking for a partner for your business or additional capital for business expansion

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Hi guys,I just signed up hoping that someone here has some experience with Belgian rental law as it's pretty different from ours. My girlfriend and I have been renting a room for just under 3 weeks and we've been bitten at night. It's an issue that I didn't pay attention to at first and assumed they were from flying insects when I was out in Brussels but recently we've found that we wake up with new ones and it seems pretty clear. The signs all point to bed bugs.Now I know that our contract says that improvements are to be paid by the renter and I've included the relevant extract from it below. Does anyone know if it is the landlord's duty to keep the house infestation free? I'm specifically worried that if I tell him that I think there is a problem then he will have recourse to demand that we get the place fumigated at a possibly heavy cost. (I have no experience and therefore couldn't even estimate what a fumigator would cost).Warmly,Conor8. ENTRETIEN ET REPARATIONSLe Bailleur prendra à sa charge les grosses réparations à effectuer au bien loué, comprenant, entre autres, les réparations à la toiture et au gros oeuvre, la peinture et menuiserie extérieures, ainsi que le coût d'achat, d'installation et de remplacement des détecteurs de fumée requis.Si l'exécution de grosses réparations s'impose, le(s) Preneur(s) devra en aviser le Bailleur sur-le-champ.Il devra souffrir ces travaux sans indemnité, quoique leur durée puisse dépasser quarante jours.Le(s) Preneur(s) prendra à sa charge les réparations locatives et de menu entretien, ainsi que les travaux incombant au Bailleur, mais résultant de son fait ou d’une personne dont il est responsable.Il fera procéder, entre autres, à l'entretien des détecteurs de fumée requis.Il procèdera à l'entretien des parties accessibles des installations sanitaires et au détartrage de la chaudière.Toutes les installations, conduites et appareils devront être maintenus par le(s) Preneur(s) en bon état de fonctionnement et devront être préservés du gel et autres risques habituels.Il(s) remplacera toutes vitres brisées ou fêlées.9. EMBELLISSEMENTS - AMELIORATIONS – TRANSFORMATIONSTous les travaux visant à embellir, améliorer ou transformer le bien loué ne pourront être exécutés que moyennant l'autorisation préalable et écrite du Bailleur.Ceux-ci seront réalisés conformément aux règles de l’art, aux frais et risques du Preneur(s), à l’entière décharge du Bailleur, et acquis à celui-ci sans indemnité, sans préjudice du droit de ce dernier d’exiger en fin de bail la remise des lieux en leur état initial, le tout sauf convention contraire.Il n’est pas permis au Preneur de changer ou de modifier la serrure de la chambre

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Can anyone recommend a fast and reliable sworn translator for a wedding ceertificate please? EN-FR.

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I need to have a will drawn up by an English speaking sollicitor. Can anyone help me pealse?

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I am fed up with my accountant. I need to find one who speaks English sufficiently to explain all the taxation rules to me. Any ideas please?

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Does anyone know it works if a UK citizen and resident (me) leaves money and property in his will to a Belgian citizen and resident (my girlfriend) ? There is no inheritance tax in the UK until you get to about €500,000, but in Belgium it seems to be quite punitive (80% at €175k in Flanders if you are not married). At least that's what they say if the property is in Belgium. but what if it's not?  

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Can anyone recommend a lawyer specialising in intellectual property law for the EU area?

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I'd like to fine a Professional WOmen's Association to join so that I can network with other expat women in business. THanks!

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i need some legal assistance regarding child custody. does anyone know which number to contact in OCMW in brugge? because their site did not mention anything about it. is there any other agency that can help someone who is unemployed with legal problems. i would appreciate your help. thanks

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I am looking for an Accountant who speaks English and who is patient enought to explain all the ins and  out of the Belgian system. Can you recommend anyone please?

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Does anyone know if I need to charge VAT on bills if my client is based overseas but the service is carried out here in Belgium? My accountant doesn't seem sure!

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Hi, My dad was remarried and lived in Belgium. 2 years ago this month he died and I had to travel to Belgium to sign some forms to release his account. His wife (not my mother) passed away in december and today I recieved a letter saying I have a tax rebate from his account. It isn't worth me travelling to collect it as it is only a small amount. Am I going to get more letters now she has died also. I can't understand the letters I get and she has a son of her own (not my fathers) so surely this must all be coming to an end. All I can see online is information when one person dies, but not what happens when the surviving spouse dies. Pity really as she cleared my dad's account before he died so I hardly got anything. Thanks and I hope someone can give me some ideas.    

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Hi I move to Brussels and bought two apartments . one two live and other to have a income. Did not move in , because of other complications( sent the letter for the tenant to leave very late and did not know he have 6 months to leave.  But my problem now is that neither is paying the rent. One pay the first month very late and is 3 weeks overdue this month. The other pay me £200 less the amount due. Anybody know something that I can do , out of pay a solicitor, as I am completely broke after all the things that went wrong with my moving to Belgium? I read in other topics about go to a juiz de paix. How can I do this? Where I look for this? Thanks a lot    

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Does anyone know of any employers or recruiters in Brussels with public relations (PR) or social media jobs for consumer brands (i.e. not corporate affairs/lobbying) which are available for english speakers without a second language?

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Are there any sole traders in Brussels who wouldn't mind explaining to me how to go about setting up shop? Thanks for your answers!

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Hello, does one of you please a good contant for an accontant (french fiscalist) who speaks English and would be able to help me become independent? I give dance classes and would like to become independent so I need somebody who will advise what is the best option, lead me through the process and then take care of the whole finance stuff (book, taxes etc).   Thanks a lot for all help Lenka

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Can anyone tell me how much I should expect to pay to have my birth certificate translated into French please.

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I am moving out of my old flat in Brussels(Belgium). My contract says that there would be a third party inventory check on entry and exit, the cost of which would be shared between the landlord and the tenant. However, when I moved in the third party check was NOT done in my presence nor did I receive any reports of the same(I did NOT sign the entry report). But now when I am vacating the apartment my landlord brought the third party again without my consent and has asked me to pay 50% of the third party's fee. Moreover, the estimated damages cost is 683 euros. We have not made any major damages. Almost all of them are wear and tear like carpets not cleaned enough, tap too tight to be opened(which was like that from day1). The kitchen counter top has expanded at the edge as the water seeped in and was charged 300 euros. He made us sign on the report of the third party" etat des lieux", which includes the damages cost 683 euros + 50% of third party fee 266 euros. Please advice whether we should be paying this amount, as I strongly feel that he is trying to exploit our ignorance. 1.If we don't pay this amount can he take any legal action against us, as he is threatening to do so. 2.If I don't pay the landlord the amount in the etat des lieux and he sends some kind of legal document, can I pay him then and settle it WITHOUT going to court and WITHOUT having to pay extra. Please advice. Thanks and Regards,avande

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