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I am looking for an Asian supermarket in which to find everything I need for my Asian concoctions. Can anyone advise me please?


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There is an Asian food shop in Tervuren on the main street but it's quite a small one. You can get lots of branded (Sharwoods etc) Asian food products at Stone Manor, the British store in Everberg. Hope this helps!

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Great, I will give them both a go!

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There are too Asian shops located on Georges Henri (Woluwe-ST-Lambert). if you get off at tram or bus stop Georges Henri and walk down Georges Henri 2-5min, there is a smaller shop on the left hand side and another one some 10 buildings down the street. (Second one is my favorite) as they have a better choice.

Though my very favorite is
Wang Li
7, Rue des Halles
1000 Brussels

They have good choice of products, especially frozen products and the prices are much lower than in Belgian supermarkets.

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Great, thanks

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