Golden Syrup

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Has anyone seen Golden Syrup around town? I would like to make a sticky toffee pudding for Belgian friends to try (they mistakenly think all we eat in Britain is 'jelly'!) Thanks in advance!


Kimberley Lowe 1321120921

I have just been on the hunt myself and today came home with sirop de candi. It looks and tastes (hang on) right. You can find it in all supermarkets in the sugar spot.
Cocoa also in the coffee section not bake goods incase you are ever lost and frustrated like I was!

saffy-124396 1321276161

Never heard of this syrup but I will give it a go even though I'm a little sceptical!

emmadavidson 1321288465

Stonemanor, Brit food store, probably has it.

saffy-124396 1321430693

Thanks so much Emma.

Brusselsrower 1321449956

I've never had any problem finding it (Tate & Lyle's) in the regular supermarkets - GB and Delhaize - although it's not something I shop for very often. It might be with the jams and honeys rather than the sugars.

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