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I have heard a lot recently about the virtues of pomegranate juice but I haven't seen any about. Do yuo know where I can buy some here in Brussels please?


oscar-130276 1298799810

Try an organic supermarket like Sequoia in Uccle or Woluwe St Pierre

serena-124406 1298912937

You were right about that Oscar, I got a litre bottle from there today although it was pricy, (6€ a bottle!)

saffy-124396 1299089982

I actually have a Rowenta juicer/smoothie maker for sale so you can make your own pomegranate juice. It has never been used and is still boxed up. I'd like 40€ if you are interested?

SmoothieMaestro 1304962510

I would buy a juicer as well and do it yourself, more fun and cheaper in the long run. It goes well in fruit smoothies I think too- try honest2goodness.eu, they have lots of fruit health info if you're into juicing like I am

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