sour cream?

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I have been looking in Delhaize for sour cream but am having alot of trouble. Does anyone know what it is called so I can atleast ask around for it?Thanks


teresa geissler 1301655552

I haven't found it anywhere yet! Try the British shop if you're near there. Otherwise in Delhaize buy "creme fraiche" in a small plastic bottle with red lid - it's like single cream and add squeezed lemon juice to make it like sour cream.

tedemalet-130948 1301698077

It's called "creme fraiche', usually found near the butter. Often labeled as lower or 0% fat as well.

Kimberley Lowe 1301698568

Are you sure? I thought creme fraiche was exactly just that fresh cream. That also does exist in -out of Belgium- supermarkets under the name creme fraiche.

tedemalet-130948 1301860685

Well, all I can say is that as a professional cook, it's what I use if I am cooking with an american recipe calling for "sour cream". If you want to punch it up a bit, as another poster suggested, add a bit of fresh squeezed lemon juice. I typically use it in cakes, sauces, cream sauces for pasta, etc;, in varying degrees of sweet and savory. I buy the stuff in the tubs, just like we would get sour cream in the US, I'm not referring to the pourable packet that's usually on the top shelf, in this case.

Good luck!

Anete 1302180735

You can buy it in all Polish and Russian shops. I think it's called "smetana" in both languages.
In Belgian shops it is called Crème fraîche épaisse I think. In carrefour it's next to the milk and the packaging is red with carrefour sign on it.
Hope it's the one you are looking for. :)

Kimberley Lowe 1302180844

Oh excellent! thank you!

serena-124406 1302250961

My Moldavian mother in law (who lives in Italy!) always asks us to bring creme fraiche over when we go to see her because she says she can't buy it in Italy, so I suppose it must be extremely similar to sour cream. Perhaps try the full fat version for a more authentic taste?

ecreiter 1302544317

Hey Kimberly,

You can find sour cream at Colruyt. I couldn't find it at Delaize either.

Sour Cream is 'Zure Room' (pronounced: 'Zu-re roam') in Dutch.


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